a different world racism episode

Lena's old boyfriend and some pals from her old neighbourhood pay her a visit but they find they don't fit in her new life. When Whitley hits Mr. Gaines' car, she has to take a job slinging hash at The Pit in order to pay it off. Dwayne throws Whitley a surprise party while two students of Hillman College cheat on a test and try to get away with it. On their first date, she cooks him dinner and he confesses he's an ex-con. There's also Dwayne's father, Woodson Wayne. Dwayne himself. Dwayne has a dream that men and women positions in the political world are switched: Whitley becomes saxophone-playing presidential candidate Jill Blinton, and Dwayne her husband Hilliot.

Continuation of Thanksgiving with the Gilbert-Wayne family. I thought it was a joke, when I saw that u could purchase the episodes. Gina's abusive ex-boyfriend returns to try to establish contact anew, frightening her and infuriating her friends. Everybody goes to court when one of the students is called a 'ho'. Prisoner of Love is the fifteenth episode of A Different World's fifth season which was first broadcast on January 23, 1992.

"A Different World" went on for six seasons (though it saw Bonet, Marisa Tomei and Loretta DeVine depart after its debut season) and ended on July 9, 1993, 20 years ago today. The Wayne and Gilbert family celebrate Thanksgiving with each other. The art director Whitley reports to hits on her and when she attempts to report him for sexual harassment, he turns it around and accuses her of making all the advances. Forever Hillman!! Kimberly is offered a full scholarship but then finds out that the company sponsoring it still has connections to apartheid so she gives it up, forcing her to work three jobs to pay her tuition.

Ron and Freddie throw a dance marathon in their new club. She bolts then gets embarrassed when he convinces her that all he needs is a chance to change. Freddie's pen pal, Jamal, gets out of jail and comes to Hillman where he falls hard for Whitley. Freddie gets juvenile delinquents who need a role model and they are assigned to teachers of Hillman College one of which is Dwayne. Not only is this implied to have been a drawn-out and stressful process, but the ending narration states that all he got was a reprimand and. Dwayne and Whitley take advantage of this after Whitley leaves Byron at the altar and marries Dwayne...all in the same ceremony.

Originally, this was a Spin-Off of The Cosby Show: Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) goes to college. Later, after Whitley starts dating Byron, she ends up spending an amorous night with Dwayne.

There's also Freddie's near date rape and Kim going from being busted by her policeman dad for sneaking out to a concert in one episode to Kim finding out he's been shot in the line of duty in the very next one.

Whitley and Dwayne recall their honeymoon in Los Angeles during the riots after the Rodney King verdict.

Somehow, Dwayne and Whitley manage to get away with upstaging Byron's wedding to her without any repercussions. Dwayne and Whitley plan a romantic getaway for the weekend. the producers were concerned about Denise appearing to be an unwed mother, becoming controlling and somewhat neglectful, there may be an unfortunate reason why neither character was ever seen or heard from again, Once she marries Dwayne, Whitley becomes "Whitley Wayne", which she doesn't like the sound of—"It doesn't have a nice "wing" to it.". Kimberly gets help from her new lab partner, Spencer, when she gets sick in anatomy class, and Dwayne pines for Whitley when she travels out of town. In an example even closer to the initial trope, Col. Taylor's daughter, Suzanne, disappears completely following her breakup with Dwayne and is never spoken of by Col. Taylor or Terrance for the remainder of the series, apart from Terrance complaining about having to move into her old room when stepmom Jaleesa turns his into her office.

Gina, Lena, Charmaine, Dorian, and Terrell rent an off-campus apartment from a grumpy older man who turns out to be a reclusive, former professional baseball star.

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