all i see is you ending explained

Her life in Bangkok—where her husband, James, works in insurance—is filled with sounds and smells and sensation, but no color. All I See Is You is a 2016 thriller directed by Marc Foster. Fortunately, he doesn't meet the same fate as Todd, but he does find himself in a bit of a predicament. This person knew that the dog belonged to James and Gina, knew that they had been robbed, knew their new address, and yet didn't know James's name? Though this doesn't work out for Greg in the end, his power as an officer has allowed him to evade capture and assign blame to an innocent man for years. Gina has the baby and looks at it, finally getting the freedom of having responsibilities and choices. All I See Is You digs deep into the human psyche showing the true colours of an over-possessive and controlling husband while dealing with Gina discovering sexuality in a whole new way. This is the work of director Adam Randall, who is more of a poor salesman with this script from Devon Graye than an inventive storyteller. Why did Gina know nothing about brachycephalic breeds? Even though James does ask her if the difference is bad, she denies it. However, Connor and Jackie do make a brief appearance at the end of the film just after Greg is killed and the police have surrounded their home. We also hear “a–,” “d–n,” “d–ks,” “h—” and “p-ss.” God’s name is misused seven times, while Jesus’ name is abused twice. Welcome to Judgment City: A Look Back at Defending Your Life, The West Wing Returns for an HBO Max Special, Touring Masterworks: Adam Nayman Discusses His New Book on Paul Thomas Anderson. In a movie filled with great plot twists, I See You's best reveal involves the relationship between its two biggest character. In his hands, the haze of sex and danger that surrounds these two might have been revealed as more than just a tease. All I Can See Is You? So who could this possibly have been? Several scenes take place in bars or clubs. Subscribe to the cinebible newsletter. She’s dazzled by colors. While Jackie rushes her son to the hospital, Greg scours the house for his son's attacker. However, looks can be deceiving, and the killer's true identity is a bit more surprising than what we're initially led to believe. You’d think he’d know what he’s doing and, as such, I wonder if All I See is You was intended, on some level, to be a metaphor: Gina might be a representation of female liberation, who can suddenly “see” a far bigger, broader, sexual world than she previously could experience, while James is a representative of manhood, fearful and threatened by the female’s newfound freedom. She later blindfolds and ties him to a bed. She starts to explore her promiscuous and wild side more which James does not like at all. No visual delineation at all. Gina(Blake Lively) is a blind woman who loses her eyesight as a kid in a car crash. But when a cornea transplant restores vision to one eye, Gina discovers that her life is not quite as she imagined. Blake Lively's new film raises a lot more questions than it answers. Really. Maybe you shouldn’t be taking naked baths with young relatives on the verge of adolescence. More ominously, the search team finds a green pocket knife, the same weapon found in a string of child murders years prior. 4. Was Karen a figment of her imagination? I’m the senior entertainment editor at, which means my DVR is always 98 percent full.

If All I See Is You had worked as a thriller, then maybe I wouldn't still be thinking about why Blake Lively put a dead bird in the freezer. But while Greg is out of the house, eerie things start to happen in the Harper home, putting the entire family in mortal danger. So just what, Gina begins to ask herself is she doing with plain ol’, boring ol’ insurance guy James in a semi-dumpy apartment? Ms. Lively is well cast, gracefully patrolling the boundary of her limited range, with Mr. Clarke less steady in the more amorphous role of someone who seems a bit off from the outset. When the phroggers first arrive, Mindy takes a look out of the window in the living room and remarks about how she's never seen a house with a better view before. Because she assumes Connor inflicted the injury that killed him, she believes her son is now a murderer. Tying everything together with backstory revealed in the last few shots feels gratifying as someone who had to trudge through the first half, but it's not fulfilling on the story’s aimed terms to be unsettling and tricky.
I'll never know, because I refuse to watch this movie ever again. The movie’s first scene takes us straight into their passionate lovemaking, descending into a literal kaleidoscope of naked arms and legs and backs and rears. Despite their privilege, the Harpers are forced to confront the ugliness literally and figuratively dwelling within the walls of their expensive house. She soon gets good news from her ophthalmologist, Dr Hughes (Danny Huston) about an opening for surgery.

But before he can hop into the driver's seat and make an escape, Greg returns, finds Connor bound in the bathtub, and then jumps in his car and drives off without knowing about Mindy. Someone apparently grabs Gina’s rear, and she’s upset when James seems unconcerned. A man is already serving time for the old child murders. Why did Gina sing most of the song at the talent show? Their POV is first shown through footage they’ve captured on camera, running into the Harper's upper-middle class home one morning before the garage door closes. His wife, Jackie, recently had a romantic affair with an old friend named Todd. How, exactly, should a gorgeous woman in the middle of Bangkok spend her time? When talking about the drawbacks of phrogging for her documentary, she explains that good phroggers usually target large houses that have extra bedrooms. Despite her desperate cries, Greg fatally shoots her. Top 30 Romantic Comedies That Will Melt Your Heart!

More disturbing is that his attacker has left something behind ... a green pocket knife, the same weapon left behind at the crime scenes of the murdered children. In addition to serving as a hiding place for the phroggers, the house takes on a maze-like quality when Greg tries to track Mindy and Alec through the house.

After Jackie shares her suspicion of Connor, Greg says that if they talk to the police and paramedics about her suspicion, there would be no way for him to protect their son.
All of a sudden, there was a baby. Playing off of these well-established tropes, the film can easily trick audiences into believing a Hereditary-like demon is pulling the strings. On the other hand, James starts to get suspicious about his wife’s blindness. Did she just have the baby unsupervised? But will James wish that she didn’t? Though Greg killed several boys in the years prior to the film taking place, two had managed to escape. While the family chalks this all up to their imagination or each other, the real answer is a bit more unsettling.

While the wealthy lives of the Harpers seem picturesque, they're plagued by dark secrets and dysfunction hiding behind the facade, ultimately leading to their downfall. But when Gina begins to regain her eyesight, sex becomes less rewarding because of problems James is having. I know, I know — things happen and he had a last-minute cancellation. The first instance of this occurs at the beginning of the movie after Greg is placed in charge of the police search for Justin Whitter. The family's problems are compounded by a crisis in their small town after a couple of young boys go missing, a case that Greg must deal with as a police officer.

He lies to her and plays tricks on her sometimes, apparently to feed his own sense of power and increase her dependence on him.

Though both Connor and Jackie are visibly confused, we don't get much insight into their reactions, emotions, or the pair's next steps. While Alec has a bit of a violent streak, his actions pale in comparison to Greg's.

Review: In ‘All I See Is You,’ Sight Is Restored and a Marriage Rocked, Blake Lively and Jason Clarke in “All I See Is You.”. There’s an image of toilet paper being flushed down a toilet bowl. Beer and wine seems to be the beverages of choice. More than 15 f-words and five s-words. The film has left quite a number of its viewers scratching their heads at the ending. We then see the faces behind the camera. This makes him appear as something of an underdog since he seems to be handling the situation in a healthy, reasonable manner. Or not! Inside, she finds the clothes that Justin Whitter, the missing child from the beginning of the film, was known to be wearing when he disappeared. Surprisingly, Todd's killer is none other than Greg, who uses a baseball bat to take care of his wife's lover once and for all. His confirmations are proven true when he goes back to their previous house and finds empty sample bottles of eyedrops. I See You uses similar shot composition, camera movements, and even similarly ominous music that all works together to lend both films a sense of impending doom and voyeurism. Though Todd begins to protest Jackie's decision, the conversation is ultimately cut short when he's struck in the back of the head by a coffee mug that's been launched from the attic. And maybe it’s just me being a James-like stick-in-the-mud, but it seems to me that just as Gina’s senses grow deeper, she herself grows shallower. He’s married, has two children and a neurotic dog, runs marathons on occasion and hopes to someday own his own tuxedo.

You’d think he’d know what he’s doing and, as such, I wonder if All I See is You was intended, on some level, to be a metaphor: Gina might be a representation of female liberation, who can suddenly “see” a far bigger, broader, sexual world than she previously could experience, while James is a representative of manhood, fearful and threatened by the female’s newfound freedom. (Both of her parents were killed in the accident, we also learn.) (Gina stores the corpse in the fridge, for some reason.) She’ll soon see, I guess—quite literally. So what if life isn’t quite as beautiful as she imagined. It might seem like a very general statement of love but Gina sings it with the bitterness of only seeing her happiness in James when she was blind. Another scene includes a man making suggestive pantomimes with the above-mentioned minotaur statue. Director Marc Forster has made some mighty fine movies in the past, including the family-friendly Finding Neverland, the surprisingly thoughtful Stranger Than Fiction and the super-problematic but widely lauded Monster’s Ball. Afterwards, Gina’s eyes start watering up and she visits her doctor who lets her know that her eye drops were not the same as prescribed. It’s a tense atmosphere, so much that when strange things start to happen they seem like diversions, like when Greg gets locked in a closet chasing the family hamster, or the silverware vanishes from the kitchen drawers. Bravo, Gina! As James becomes increasingly destabilized by his wife’s transformation, the movie seems keen to linger over what can happen to a relationship when a previously dependent partner gains agency.

Justin's murder isn't the only drama in Greg's life. None, unless you read quasi-religious symbolism into a naked minotaur statue painted in what appears to be blood. I guess they know something we don't, but just have one line that's like, "My husband is naked and covered in paint for X reason, don't worry about it." Throw me a bone here, Gina! Are you a student at this grade school, Gina? Mindy continues on a more somber note, saying that phrogging is better than sleeping in a subway or on a public bench somewhere. Gina had been faking her blindness which is confirmed when she looks directly at him in the middle of the song. Seeing as the house is empty except for Connor, Jackie comes to the conclusion that her son is responsible for attacking her boyfriend. The Ending of All I See Is You is truly confusing as it transitions from one scene to another without really giving a meaningful explanation to the audience.

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