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[2] After the Eid prayers, people return home, visit each other's home and eat sweet dishes called Shirini, Sheer Khurma and other delicacies like biryani, korma, haleem, kebab etc. This is more or less the Musim wedding procession. The Bengal Renaissance contained the seeds of a nascent political Indian nationalism was the precursor in many ways to modern Indian artistic cultural expression. Some traditional sports of Bangladesh include Nouka Baich, Kho Kho, Boli Khela, Lathi Khela etc. Newspapers bring out special supplements. Muslims constitute around 90% of the population in Bangladesh while Hindus and Buddhists are the most significant minorities of the country. Several other sweet preparations are also available. Bengali weddings are traditionally in five parts: first, it is the bride and groom's Mehendi Shondha (also called Pan Chini), the bride's Gaye Holud, the groom's Gaye Holud, the Biye, and the Bou Bhaat. Once upon a time (from the very beginning), the first day of Awgrohayon was the first day of Bengali calendar. A cotton lungi and a jersey called kurta are the common attire for men in rural areas.
The most prevalent folk songs music traditions include Bhatiali, Baul, Marfati, Murshidi, Bhawaiya. The first bioscope in the subcontinent was established in Dhaka that year. Kabaddi is the national sport in Bangladesh. Many of the traditional festivities in Bangladesh revolve around the Bengali Year, the most important of them being the Bengali New Year celebrations. Usually, on Poyla Boishakh, the home is thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned; people bathe early in the morning and dress in fine clothes. Jamdani was once world famous for it's most artistic and expensive ornamental fabric. All outgoing public transport from the major cities have become highly crowded and in many cases the fares tend to rise in spite of government restrictions. Women wear sarees or shalwar kameeses. The Culture of Bangladesh is intertwined with the culture of the Bengal region. They spend much of the day visiting relatives, friends, and neighbors and going to the fair. It’s not only women who wear colorful clothing. Sari is women’s universal dress, both in the cities and countryside. If a Bengali boy wants to run, swim, fish, or play, he can pull the bottom of the lungi up and tuck it into his waist, ready for action. Durga Puja is a grand cultural celebration in the capital city of Dhaka. But due to immense cultural diversity, multiple dialects, hybridization of social traits and norms as well as cultural upbringing, Bangladeshis cannot be stereotyped very easily, except for the only fact that they are very resilient in nature. In the urban areas men have, however, largely adapted to western costume. On cultural and religious occasions, men have traditional wear called Panjabi. to perform the wedding), accompanied by the parents and a Wakil (witness) from each side formally asks the bride for her consent to the union, and then the groom for his. Lalbagh Fort, a Mughal architecture of Bangladesh, Ahsan Manzil in Dhaka, Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture of Bangladesh. But practically, all schools, colleges, and offices remain closed for a week. It’s not only women who wear colorful clothing. Bangladesh has joined the elite group of countries eligible to play Test cricket since 2000.

… Jasmine and marigold flowers are also a huge sale for this event which adorns the women's hair. Defying this, the students of the University of Dhaka and Dhaka Medical College and other political activists started a procession on 21 February 1952.
Festivals and celebrations are an integral part of the culture of Bangladesh. Many people from the big cities go to their ancestral houses and homes in the villages to share the joy of the festival with friends and relatives.

People usually love to wear western dresses and women of Bangladesh are seen to wear Salwar kameez and Some of Youngs are seen to wear jeans T-shirts, tops, etc. Major pujas of Dhaka are held in numerous pandals, but the biggest celebration takes place at Dhakeshwari Temple where several thousand devotees and onlookers stream through the premises for four days. Bangladeshi men traditionally wear Panjabi, which is structurally similar to the Kurta but very unique in design, on religious and cultural occasions. Many other cultural organizations are also popularizing Bangladeshi art and culture. The first feature film in East Pakistan, Mukh O Mukhosh, was released in 1956. Unlike neighboring West Bengal, serving dishes with beef is not a taboo in Bangladesh. The day is revered in Bangladesh and, to a somewhat lesser extent, in West Bengal as the Martyrs' Day. Pohela Falgun, Pohela Boishakh, Matribhasha dibosh, Nobanno, Pitha Utshob, Poush Songkranti or Shakhrain are celebrated by everyone despite their religion. Fish is the dominant source of protein, cultivated in ponds and fished with nets in the fresh-water rivers of the Ganges delta. Tanvir Mokammel, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, Humayun Ahmed, Alamgir Kabir, Subhash Dutta and Chashi Nazrul Islam are other prominent directors of Bangladesh cinema. The late Tareque Masud is regarded as one of Bangladesh's outstanding directors due to his numerous productions on historical and social issues. Richard✈️ (@coffeethentravel) on Jan 18, 2018 at 7:23am PST, A post shared by ✈️Sarah Such folk songs revolve around other themes, including love. Due to the British influence during colonization, shirt-pant and suits are very common. 1752 Kantajew Temple, prominent Hindu architecture of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is home to a diverse range of traditional clothing which is still worn by people in their everyday life. In a relatively modern context, works of Rabindranath Tagore and Nazrul Islam form a major part of the cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Notice the trim on the ladies. Beef curry is a very common and essential part of Bengal cuisine. People of different religions perform their religious rituals with festivity in Bangladesh. In some areas, Eid fairs are arranged. Christians, Sikhs, and atheists form a very minuscule part of the population. Bangladesh Betar is the state-run radio service. The Bengal Renaissance of the 18th early 19th centuries, noted Bengali writers, saints, authors, scientists, researchers, thinkers, music composers, painters, film-makers have played a significant role in the development of Bengali culture. Long lightweight skirts (or trousers) with a cotton blouse tend to work best for business situations. [11] The women also have a different preference to which types of Sharee or any other popular dress like Salwar kameez they would like to wear. Bangladeshi women habitually wear Sarees. Read more about if I think Bangladesh is safe for women here! The people also celebrate major victories of the national teams with great enthusiasm for the live game.

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