cameroon flag

Images. Prior to the flag’s adoption in 1975, the previously used flag featured two gold stars to represent British Cameroons and French Cameroon which had merged to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon.

CM and its three letters Cameroon code is CMR and in digits it is 120.

The flag is comprised of a vertical tricolor made up of green, red, and yellow bands, and a yellow star at the center. The Yellow for the Sun - source of happiness and prosperity and also the northern savannas. After Cameroon becomes unitary state on 20 May 1975, Cameroon Flag was adopted in its present form by the nation. The proportion of the Cameroonian flag is 2:3. Centered on the white band was a red shield bearing the resemblance of an elephant’s head. The respective flag was in use till 1975. The yellow view for the sun and green is for the forests in the southern part of Cameroon. In 1961, the Federal Republic of Cameroon was established and adopted a new flag featuring the original tricolor of French Cameroon and two gold stars on the green band’s canton. The flag is comprised of a vertical tricolor made up of green, red, and yellow bands, and a yellow star at the center. Being a decentralized republic, the President of the Republic of Cameroon in 2008 signed decrees abolishing "provinces" and replacing them with "regions".

The Cameroonian flag is based on the Ethiopian flag of 1897 but style to the French vertical tricolor. After it was assured freedom, local government initiated discussing a likely national flag in 1957. The flag of French Cameroon, first used in 1957 contained the tricolor of green, red and yellow perpendicular stripes. However, Germany would lose its claim to the colony after the First World War as was provided for by the Treaty of Versailles. 46 of 26 October 1957. In 1957, French Cameroon adopted a vertical tricolor flag, inspired by France’s own “Tricolor” and was comprised of green, red, and yellow bands and retained the design after gaining independence from France in January, 1960. We are not liable for any error, loss or damage caused by the use of this content. Free Cameroon Consultation with  Donation.

The red: stands for unity and independence, national sovereignty.

The effect of the African Democratic Rally, the leading local political force in French West Africa was touched when colors were selected. All content on is for informational or educational purposes only and does not contain any legal advice. The color scheme uses the outdated Pan-African colors. @ Copyright You're currently using an older browser and your experience may not be optimal.

The current flag was adopted in 1975 after the federal government was replaced by a unitary government, with the only edition being that the two stars were replaced by a single yellow star centered on the red band. In fact, Cameroon was the second country in Africa to have its official flag feature the Pan-African colors. The respective flag was in use till 1975.

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