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In 1965 he sold Replica Arms and relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico. As the economy worsened due to the early 1980s oil depression in Texas, Harvey sought to diversify his stock by selling replica old-west firearms. -20" barrel, octagon We have been scouring the world for the best deals on guns, ammo and your other hunting and fishing needs since 1998. The company's field of specialty is reproduction firearms from the American Civil War to the end of the Old West period. This model also comes in .410 gauge and 12 gauge. Leonard Frank Allen had started Replica Arms, El Paso, Texas in 1962, with the first Colt 1847 Army replica, made by Armi San Marco. Manufacturer

&nb.. CIMARRON 1878 DELUXE COACH GUN 3in. Additionally, Cimarron markets several of these firearms to collectors in addition to reenactors and competitive shooters. [29] In 2011 Cimarron's 1873 Replica Lever Action Rifle earned Best Cowboy Action Gun. However, little known apart from the handguns are the shotguns that Daudsons makes for Cimarron, a company that specializes in mostly Cowboy action shooting reproductions for the various SASS competitions across the United States. CIMARRON 1878 COACH GUN 12GA. These 12 gauge shotguns are great choices to fill out a collection or as home defense solutions. Barrel specifications: - Caliber: 12 ga. - Barre... CIMARRON 1878 Coach Gun 12Ga. -Style: Short Rifle [35] Also in 2003 the Cimarron Arms 1872 Open Top and 1851 Navy .36-Caliber won the honors for Best Cartridge Conversion Revolver Reproduction and Best Cap and Ball Revolver Reproduction. In 2010 Cimarron's "Corporate Exhibition Shooter" Joey Dillon trained actor Josh Brolin how to handle single action revolvers authentically and Cimarron provided all the revolvers used in the Jonah Hex film. According to the Cimarron salesman, one of the owners of Daudsons, M.Daud came to the company several years ago at SHOT, with a copy of an older Western themed shotgun he had made in Pakistan. THE ITEM SHOWN ABOVE IS CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER. The firearms are manufactured to their specifications by Uberti and Davide Pedersoli in Brescia, Italy. Cimarron Description. [15] Cimarron's 1873 Trapper is a replica of the Winchester Model 1873 carbine with one exception; the company patented a magazine spring and follower to allow a shooter the ability to load 10 cartridges in the short magazine for competition instead of the standard 9 rounds. [14], Cimarron has two-dozen versions of 19th century rifles built to their specifications by Uberti such as the various Henry rifles and Winchester lever-action carbines such as the 1866 Yellowboy, 1873 Winchester and the Winchester Model 1892. [2], Aside from repeating rifles, Cimmaron has exclusive single shot Sharps rifles and High and Low Wall single-shot rifles built by Pedersoli and Uberti. Cimarron Firearms is an American firearms importer that has been in operation since 1984. Phone 1877 SIXGUN1. 26in. Barrel Length: 20" Shotguns; Shop All 97 in Cimarron Firearms Customer Favorites. Impact also services the needs of law enforcement and military with our wide variety of tactical weapons and accessories. Cimarron is the leader in innovation for old west firearms reproductions and is proud to have created the new models, making our guns more reliable, higher in quality and historically accurate. Cimarron 1883 Double Barrel The Cimarron 1883 Double Barrel shotgun is designed so you don’t have to cock back any hammers—opening the action automatically cocks the internal hammers.

Cimarron 1897 Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun 20" Barrel. [20] Cimarron furnished the working prop guns for AMC's western series Hell on Wheels and the 2003 motion picture Open Range. [3] Firearms author John Taffin has credited Cimarron Arms and its competitor Navy Arms as being instrumental in restoring realism to replica period firearms.

Cimarron shotguns reflect a classic design in either side by side 1878 coach guns, 1887 lever actions or 1897 pump versions. By Houston CAS, March 27, 2017 in SASS Wire.

Additional Information 2.75" 20" CYLINDER BLUED WALAdditional Information Manufacturer Cimarron   Item Number G1887SG ACTION TYPE LEVER BARREL LENGTH IN INCHES 20.0000 CHECKERING N GAUGE 12 INCLUDES X-FULL TUBE N .. CIMARRON 1897 PUMP 12GA.

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