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Should EPS Foam Be Given a Clean Bill of Health in Green Building?

Furthermore, sprayed cork products can help you do your part to protect the environment for future generations. Are you looking for an eco-friendly building material? To produce hardwood planks, the entire tree must be killed and processed. Although cork is rated in the EU with a Class E rating, the same as plastic foams, it doesn't really burn. White Cement. Here they are demonstrating a flame underneath, and General Manager Carlos Manuel putting his money, his cigarettes and even his head on top. Time for Another Look at Insulated Concrete Forms. It’s suitable for high-end applications, like wine stoppers. Alorim has been in the cork biz since 1870, making corks for wine. The team at ThermaShield is proud to be a leading provider of sprayed cork products for residential and commercial properties. Using those slits, the harvesters can then peel the cork away from the tree in planks. The cork pellets, like these I am holding, are then fed into a chute and fed into forms, where under high pressure and temperature from the steam, the suberin resin fuses the pellets of cork together into blocks.

Here’s a quick look at how cork is harvested and why it’s an eco-friendly building material that you should be using. The harvesting itself takes place from about the middle of May to the end of August. Many building materials, like hardwood planks, are not sustainably sourced.

We need healthy materials that don't cost the earth. Brooks have a great range of quality cements and aggregates. Cork cladding is a renewable, resistant and insulating material that is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. Environmentally conscious individuals tend to agree that it’s important to use green building materials and eco-friendly building practices for residential and commercial properties. After each harvest, the professional harvesters mark each tree so that it will not be harvested again too soon. This cork is well-suited for use as an eco-friendly building material. What's not to love? The specially trained harvesters will first measure the tree’s circumference to ensure it’s at least 70 centimeters when measured from 1.3 meters above ground level. We have long been fans of cork at TreeHugger, and have shown it being used in everything from tiles to wallets and even bathing suits.But most importantly, it is a terrific building material. Albert of Small Planet Building Supply, who covered his house in Olympia, Washington, described how easy it is to use: Now Blaine Brownell, the materials expert at Architect Magazine, picks up the story of cork, describing how a decade ago, cork was in crisis.

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