creation of lcda in lagos state?

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi, India, which provides service to more than 11milion people have just 3 local government units and the same can be said of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Pakistan with just 6 units. 6. LCDAs in Lagos State by implications of the Law establishing them are not administrative units or governing arms of LGAs but legal entities with a life of their own.

The relevant portions of that section is subsections (3) and (4) which provide; “(3) A bill for a law of a House of Assembly for the purpose of creating a new local government area shall only be passed if- (a) a request supported by at least two-thirds majority of members (representing the area demanding the creation of the new local government area) in each of the following, namely- (i) The House of Assembly in respect of the area, and (ii) The local government councils in respect of the area, is received by the House of Assembly; Well in light of national experience and by the admission of the current government in Lagos State, the answer is NO. For instead of the federating units owning the resources in their areas and contributing to the centre or central authority for the running of the federated union, the centre took everything from the federating units and was allocating to the federating units. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); How Many Local Government in Lagos state, LGA Chairman and Location? The above provisions clearly and in very certain terms eroded completely the quasi sovereignty of the federating units in terms of financing the local government councils which are clearly their local issue. Section 2(2) of the said 1999 Constitution provides; “Nigeria shall be a federation consisting of states and a Federal Capital Territory.”. Furthermore, the Supreme Court in Chigozie Eze & Ors v. Governor of Abia State & Ors declared as ‘Executive recklessness’ the sacking and replacement of elected local government councilmen with unelected caretaker members. From the above underlined portion of that provision, it is crystal clear that, it is the state government that has the constitutional powers to create (ensure their existence) under a law which provides for the establishment, structure, composition, finance and functions of such local government councils. There have been many references made to some laws of the Lagos State House of Assembly which purport to give legal teeth to the existence of LCDA’s but it is trite law that all laws are inferior to the Constitution and that where a law is inconsistent with the Constitution that other law is to the extent of it’s inconsistency void.

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Contact Bariga LCDA Lagos State Nigeria on Messenger. How? Government management policy and laws in Lagos are encroaching on constitutional preserves of LGAs and public perception of LGAs/LCDAs in Lagos tends towards negative. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. S Benson Road, Ikorodu town, Lagos State, Nigeria, 2, Ondo Street, Ebute-Metta (West), Lagos State, Nigeria, 82/84, Palm Avenue, Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria, Olojo Drive, Ojo Town, Lagos State, Nigeria, Oyetoyo Street, Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria, Durosimi Street, Off Oguntolu Street, Bajulaiye, Somolu, Lagos State, Nigeria, Alh. Allow the federating units to own resources that are in their areas and contribute certain percentages of revenues accruing therefrom to the federation for the running of the central authority. There you have it, for those asking how many local government in Lagos state. Your email address will not be published. The analogy I always make here is the provisions for a Law Student to become a Lawyer! This is where the problem started. On August 6, 2009 8:33 pm In Law & Human Rights by akintayo eribake. And finally there is a question on the capacity of civil servants in LGAs/LCDAs to efficiently deliver service at the grassroots. COVID-19 Pandemic and the likely consequences on the oil and gas sector on Nigeria: Any feasible options? While the creation of LCDAs by the Lagos State government underpins the yearning of the government of the state to solve local governance challenges (insecurity, urban decay, waste disposal, infrastructural deficits) worsened by an unsustainable population growth, but that aspiration must not in itself undermine the Nigerian constitutional order. INEC voters card online registration: is it possible? Problems of Budget Implementation In Nigeria And Solutions. human being has a lookalike, how do you explain the fact that the voice is still or. Fashola, represented by his Senior Special Assistant on Media, Mr. Hakeem Bello, said Lagos  could only become a true mega city when governments at the grassroots, collaborate and  cooperate with the state government to achieve the common goal. These provisions do not represent provisions that are supposed to be in a federal constitution. This practice of a federation that is peculiar to Nigeria has led to the concentration of everything at the centre and thus killed true federalism. PLS CAN I HAVE THE NAMES OF THE … Has the creation of these new LCDAs enhance service delivery in measurable ways? 20 !! Liza Powel O'Brien biography: Who is Conan O'Brien's wife? According to the enabling statutes creating the LCDAs, they have the legal capacity to sue and be sued, and are distinct legal entities. It follows thus that a student can score 1st class Honors in his LLB exam and 1st class in his Bar Exams but he would not be a lawyer until found fit and proper by the Privileges Committee to be called to the Bar. Having created this problem, the constitution went further in an apparent bid to solve it, to provide in section 8(5) & (6) as follows:-“(5) An Act of the national Assembly passed in accordance with this section shall make consequential provisions with respect to the names and headquarters of states or local government areas as provided in section 3 of this constitution and in Parts I and II of the First schedule to this constitution. If the Constitution does not allow a State to create LCDA’s under what authority do they exist and operate?? The smallest in area of Nigeria's 36 states, Lagos State is arguably the most economically important state of the country, containing Lagos, the nation's largest urban area. (b) a proposal for the creation of the local government area is thereafter approved in a referendum by at least two-thirds majority of the people of the local government area where the demand for the proposed local government are originated; (c)    the result of the referendum is then approved by a simple majority of the members in each local government council in a majority of all the local government councils in the state; and (d) the result of the referendum is approved by a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of members of the House of Assembly. Aside from statutory allocation to LGAs in Lagos State from federation accounts and subventions to LCDAs from the state governments, the Lagos State Local Government Levies Law restrict the sources from which LGAs/LCDAs can raise funds in Lagos State to the listed 16 sources (less than what the federal constitution allows for LGAs). The invention of LCDA’s was a extra-judicial solution to solve a constitutional and judicial problem and back then I remember arguing with a colleague that sooner or later the unconstitutionality of that act (of rebranding the 37 incohoate LGAs as LCDAs) was going to come to the fore!

If thus a State House of Assembly seeks to pass a Law which clothes the SIEC with powers not allowed it under the Constitution, that law stands void to the extent of it’s inconsistency with the Constitution. Lagos state so long as it uses its funds judiciously has not in anyway done anything mischievous as the first mischief was created by what I have described above as the ‘Constitution of the Nigerian Federal Republic of Nigeria’ because we are running a federation that is peculiar to Nigeria. The state`s previous entity is known as Plateau State. AJEROMI IFELODUN AJEGUNLE Local Government Area, LAGOS ISLAND ISALE-EKO local Government area, Zapass Building, 64, Freeman Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is a political system where allied states form a union, not, indeed, to such an extent as to destroy their separate organization or deprive them of quasi sovereignty with respect to the administration of their purely local concerns, but so that the central power is erected into a true national government, possessing sovereignty both external and internal, while the administration of national affairs is directed, and its effects felt, not by the separate states deliberating as units, but by the people of all, in their collective capacity, as citizens of the nation. READ ALSO: INEC voters card online registration: is it possible? The problem however is that the LCDA’s  as they now stand seem to be functioning as and exercising all the powers of local governments. The Creation of these LCDAs stirred a constitutional dilemma and brought to the fore the crisis of constitutional federalism in Nigeria.

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