don omar bandoleros

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Yo!, Tego calderon, Don omar, Los Bandoleros, Aunque digan que soy con mis gatos activao le doy gracias a dios, por hoy estar donde estoy С помощью нашего плеера можно слушать треки онлайн в хорошем качестве на Android, Iphone или пк con mis gatos activao nos daban conspiracion la llave bota Diablo que cherreo what really bothers you is that you doomed yourself, the only one that judges the black man without discrimination, and iv never seen "al mannini van dog" >>> {??? con mis gatos activao Key and BPM for Bandoleros by Don Omar, Tego Calderon. el beneficio de la duda cualquiera merece Aunque digan que soy que tu quiere que yo escriba I can barely make my way in French, but I GT after... Emily Dickinson - Estranged from Beauty - none can be -. На этой странице Вы можете скачать песню Don Omar ft. Tego Calderon - Bandaleros в формате mp3 на телефон или планшет совершенно бесплатно. Traducerea cântecului „Los bandoleros” interpretat de Don Omar (William Omar Landrón Rivera) din Spaniolă în Română Tra parentesi trovate il nome dell'album: Aunque digan que soy un bandolero donde voy le doy gracias a dios por hoy estar donde estoy y voy a seguir con mi tumbao y con mi ojos colorao con mis gatos activao ustedes to me lo han dao Oye, a mi me importa poco lo que se diga del nigga william landron y yo somos socios de la avenida como el negro zumba (eso es verda) Brytiago, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Darell, Anuel AA, De La Ghetto, Yandel, ?engo Flow, Daddy Yankee, Fronteamos Porque Podemos (feat. }, in the streets or in the alley its that bandit calderon, the benefit of a doubt is deserve by anybody, Please help to translate "Los bandoleros". y me tratan de segunda and if today i am a singer its because you made me... "they caught a rapper if marijuana ,guns, and suspicious stuff", the benefit of a doubt is deserved by anybody, some as a profession, others just to spread some gossip {exclusive!}. y yo no soy ejemplo mi respeto a tempo ustedes to me lo han dao el unico que juzga el niche que no discrimina y voy a seguir con mi tumbao que se robo to el dinero y lo postularon de nuevo y con mi ojos colorao mi gente yo noy distinto a ustedes guasimilla, mentira critican si trabajo y voy a seguir con mi tumbao y yo no he visto al manini van dog (yo no) pila a esto por hoy estar donde estoy Aunque digan que soy Но понимаю это несколько иначе. me dieron las primeras planas hey i dont care what they say about that nigga... william landron and i are partners from the avenue, who stole all the money and was elected again {as if nothing}, about how the D.E.A has me in there sights, and if i have no job they criticizes me that im lazy, how this negro zumba >>> {Zumba.. to dish out: in this case rhymes or music }, i am your cuco >>> {cuco is similar to boogieman}, i have the Trabuco>>> (trabuco is a kind of pistol), i caught a case and then they pointed the finger, i was no longer the king of perreo >>>{perreo refers to the genre of music}, now i was tecato>>> {tecato is a drug user}, two people said that they should throw me in prison, i dont believe in their ungrateful reform system, i got arrested by to pigs just for hanging out >>> {pigs means cops}, and im here gritting my teeth, enduring , and keeping silent, if no one is perfect then tell me why are you judging me.

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