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Kira then threatens to break out and take back the tablet and wouldn't stop until she was dead, to which Garak replies that he has no permission to kill them just yet, so he takes the three prisoners and the tablet back to Terok Nor to discover its secrets together.

That year, Assemblyperson Cernis's report into war crimes by Cardassians during the Bajoran Occupation was complete. Son of Enabran Tain. He was once a member of the Cardassian Union's central intelligence bureau, the Obsidian Order, operating as a spy and saboteur. I remembered my conversation with Tolan about the price of “status.” “Or are you sympathetic with these people?”, “Yes,” I replied, taking my eyes away from Pythas. Incensed, Garak whispered in rage "I will destroy him.". . Garak convinced Mhevet to release Dygan, and together they sought out to stop what seemed an impossibly deteriorating situation.

But, in a private letter to Bashir, Garak announced that he had become a follower of the Oralian Way both to see the daughter of his life's love, and to explore Tolan's heritage. Hearing the guls and legate argue with one another about the nature of the Union going forth, Garak would have an epiphany: "And then a strange sensation went through me, Doctor. Garak was later revealed to have caused the explosion himself, to preempt an upcoming assassination attempt by the Flaxian Retaya by drawing Odo into the investigation. Alone and anonymous, the young Garak would at first be highly isolated. There the four would discuss medicine, Preloc, the political situation and their hopes for Cardassia and the Federation.

On his deathbed, Tain finally admitted that Garak was his son, and told Garak that he was proud of him. I don't want to say subtlety, but something along those lines ... That's not what people want, that they wanted their TNG good, bad, everything very clear, everything very clean, everything very understandable. When he was contacted by Gul Madred of the politically conservative Directorate, representing the old military and intelligence apparatus of the pre-Dukat state, Garak at first wondered if he had found familiar company.

Garak's intelligence background fascinated Bashir, also, and it was Bashir who was the first to obtain proof of Garak's past. Agent Regnar, Ten Lubak, Alardig Ra'orn, Elim Vronok He selects a hypospray loaded with a concentrated dose of ulcartic virus as his method of execution. Ira in particularly is a big fan of that British series". Eventually they came to Tain's house. He was instructed to keep tabs on Maladek. Mila

(DS9: "Profit and Loss"), Garak grimacing in pain caused by his malfunctioning cranial implant, Later that year, Garak began having life-threatening headaches. If a smart guy like Garak says that he's 'plain and simple', you realize that he's not plain and not simple. Bashir would write back to him a critical letter pleading with Garak to not become like his father or indeed his old self, but to surround himself with others who he could trust to offer him advice. Eminating from the Gamma Quadrant, Garak realised his mentor was still alive and a Dominion prisoner. He was actually the son of Tain and Tain's housekeeper Mila. Garak, using Sisko, assassinated Romulan Senator Vreenak, and through faulty evidence of a plot by the Dominion to invade the neutral Star Empire, suggested that the Dominion was to blame and brought the Romulans into the war against the Dominion. I was afraid that if she knew the truth, she’d only be able to see me as the man who killed her father and destroyed her family." It's also revealed that after Garak was exiled from Cardassia, he came to Terok Nor and was placed under Dukat's command. Attending Ghemor's rallies with Parmak, Garak would remain initially cautious of the Federation-inspired fledgling democratic movement.

Garak had a pet lemur that he called Vlatvlat. Full Name (DS9 - Prophecy and Change short story: "Face Value"), During this time, Garak re-read Eleta Preloc's Meditations on a Crimson Shadow whilst the others slept. “I shouldn’t be here. Legate Corat Damar, leader of the Cardassian Union, had finally grown tired of the Dominion, seeing their alliance with the Union as an occupation in all-but-name.

It was only at the end of his life that Mila felt it appropriate to contact Elim to encourage him to visit the dying man. In 2368, Garak somehow betrayed Tain, and Tain ordered him killed.

He was known to be a witty conversationalist and a skilled tailor. However, during this time, Barkan Lokar and Skrain Dukat would visit the embassy. Robinson denied that his portrayal was intended to portray Garak as homosexual and implied that he was omnisexual. (DS9: "Broken Link", "In Purgatory's Shadow"), As an Obsidian Order operative, Garak had a cranial implant installed in his skull which would help him resist torture. [5] Garak uses his knowledge to assist the Federation in its war against the Dominion and Cardassia. He admitted to Parmak that prosecution of surviving war criminals was necessary for the Union to - one day, possibly after his own death - enter the Federation. Odo would be forced to leave the group due to the Changeling illness, which had crippled him. Barkan's position of power was secure and Garak was expecting to be rewarded; however, he was betrayed by Barkan. Cardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets

(DS9: "Improbable Cause") Even this account (and any others), however, are almost certainly fabricated or distorted, as Garak was fond of saying, "The truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination." Garak, Palandine and One Charaban - who revealed himself to be called Barkan - would form a close group, hiding out and discussing Cardassian literature and society. (DS9 novel: Enigma Tales), Late in 2386, Garak assisted Bashir, Sarina Douglas, Data, Lal and Ozla Graniv in their attempt to expose Section 31. And we were down in the basement with our own plots and shifting alliances, tenaciously holding on to the very ideas that had brought us here.

In 2379, Alon Ghemor was assassinated, and Garak returned to Cardassia to aid the Reunion Project. With Parmak he could be vulnerable, and it was the doctor who was especially worried for Garak's state of health and security. Occasionally, other Cardassians warn Federation personnel that he is "a very dangerous man with a traitorous mind", but in general he plays a rather positive, though sometimes sinister or multi-layered role during the series. After the Cardassian withdrawal, the Bajoran Provisional Government requested relief and humanitarian aid from the United Federation of Planets and gave occupancy of the station to Starfleet. He's a charming rogue, you can't deny it. Garak appeared to be jealous of Bashir's relationship with Douglas.

When once asked by Bashir whether he was an outcast or a spy, Garak suggested that maybe he was "an outcast spy." Garak would find instead that Palandine's daughter, Kel, was an assistant to the Guide of the meeting. He quickly became demoralized and depressed, and his poor mental health allowed the Directorate to orchestrate a riot at one of his speeches. By 2380, the debate with Ambassador Troi was considered to be one of the most legendary debates the Council had seen in recent times. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Elim_Garak?oldid=1846181. [1] In the same episode, it is discovered that Garak was known as "The Spy" to the crew of Deep Space Nine, being the only Cardassian left on the station after Cardassia withdrew their occupation from the nearby planet Bajor.

And that's a good thing". (DS9: "Afterimage"), During the final months of the war, Garak used his contacts in the Cardassian Union to find the leader of the Cardassian Liberation Front, Damar. After hearing Parmak especially, Pythas came to Garak's at his memorial the day before the election and announce his support for them. (DS9 short s… Garak is introduced in the third episode of the first season of Deep Space Nine "Past Prologue". While there, he was exposed to a psychotropic drug. Incensed, Garak whispered in rage "I will destroy him.".

The secret agenda of the True Way seemed halted, as Temet's campaign foundered, and pro-Federation civil servants again came to the fore, for example Reta Kalanis taking over the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau. The imprisoned Bashir (replaced by a changeling) shared with Garak his last moments with Tain, as the dying spymaster at last accepted Elim as his son. Garak, disturbed by Hans subtlety probing questions and Maladek's erratic behavior, consulted Limor Prang, who was posing as an embassy employee. He was given a comm chip by his superior Limor Prang which provided him with his life details and orders.

Garak arranged for Quark to supply him with the necessary equipment and decided to take his punishment as a challenge, determined to become a vital element of Terok Nor.

In his role as an agent of the Obsidian Order, it is suggested that Garak was one of the most skilled operatives within the organization with a particular talent for interrogation - both physical and psychological.

Many on the station believed Garak was still a spy. Garak did not pursue a friendship with Palandine's daughter: "I wanted to introduce myself and ask her about Paladine—but I didn't dare.

Palandine also became a member of the Oralian Way during this time. Though Dukat wanted to kill Garak, Tain arranged it so he couldn't, and instead assigned Garak the meager task as station tailor in the hopes of demeaning him. Type of Hero

To gain his father's approval, Garak followed in his footsteps and joined the Obsidian Order; at one point he was stationed on Romulus working as a gardener in the Cardassian embassy as his cover (and was likely involved in the deaths of several Romulan officials), until the Cardassians stationed him on occupied Bajor. To Garak truth is the lines in between lies; he once claimed that all he says is true – "especially the lies".

Garak went to see her anyway, and was captured by Barkan Lokar. (DS9: "Empok Nor"), When Starfleet withdrew from the Bajoran sector at the start of the Dominion War, Garak joined the crew of the USS Defiant.

Attending Ghemor's rallies with Parmak, Garak remained initially cautious of the Federation-inspired fledgling democratic movement. Seeing Elim as a simple service drone, after their conversation he essentially dismissed the gardener from his mind. Garak impressed his father by mounting a riding hound despite falling off numerous times. He then seizes the Reckoning Tablet and explains how he heard rumors of it being buried on Bajor, but didn't believe them until now.

However it was his nemesis Dukat who stole all the glory. The two would be traveling to Cardassia when they were captured by Tain. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion), Ronald D. Moore commented: "I know that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was definitely one of the influences on Garak's character. ", "Are you sure that's the point, doctor?" BIOGRAPHY Members of Meya Rejal's former government were present, representing the Cardassian Government in Exile: Garak, contemptuous of the Detapa Council, ignored them. The effect of contributing directly to the war and the deaths of loyal Cardassian soldiers, however, would cause Garak extreme stress and anxiety. Elim Garak Rarity Super Rare: Printing Foil Type Personnel: Property Logo Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Affiliation Cardassian Icons Gender Male Species Cardassian Classification CIVILIAN Lore Former member of Obsidian Order.

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