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It also has many characteristic markings, including distinct white colourations around the throat,  chest, belly and inner legs. This becomes even more relevant when considering that the Asian high-altitudes hold the water resources for billions of people in south-east Asia and it is of global interest to keep those ecosystems and their wildlife populations healthy. © Madhu Chetri. EurekAlert! Carnivore predation on livestock and game species leads to human-carnivore conflict. Thus, understanding the foraging ecology of threatened carnivores is important for conservation planning. This is so long ago that studies suggest these wolves are divergent from the globally distributed dog-wolf clade. Himalayan wolves avoided livestock which showed a seasonal high abundance, that exceeded many-fold the abundance of wild prey species during the summer study period. A pair of Himalayan wolves in their natural habitat. The studies used wolf scat sampling for genetic and genomic research to understand their evolutionary history based on a wide array of different genetic regions. First and foremost, it is smaller in size compared to the European wolf, with stumpier legs and an ‘unusual’ elongated muzzle, arrayed with black speckles. Very little is known about the Himalayan wolf, because science and conservation have overlooked these high-altitude wolves as just another grey wolf until recently. Asked by Wiki User.
Chetri, M., Jhala, Y., Jnawali, S. R., Subedi, N., Dhakal, M., & Yumnam, B. Improving livestock protection and sustainable management can mitigate depredation conflict substantially. Given this seasonally high livestock abundance, depredation by Himalayan wolves is inevitable and a major conservation concern. Methods. A small number of samples, but enough to prove that ancient Himalayan wolves are roaming the mountains of Nepal. Sometimes they will take down the young of bigger sized prey because they need to take advantage of every opportunity out there to get any food that they can. The Himalayan wolf is considered an ancient wolf as it evolved prior to the contemporary grey wolf which is found in large parts of North America and Eurasia. is a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Our oldest ancestor and precursor to all animal-life, a 555-million-year-old worm? Drones and Dinosaurs: Pterodactyls Could Inspire the Next Generation of Planes.

EurekAlert! The main conservation threats appear to be the killing of wolves to retaliate livestock depredation, as well as for selling body parts in the flourishing illegal wildlife trade. This research, published today in the Journal of Biogeography, reveals this wolf's evolutionary uniqueness based on many different genetic markers; including a genetic adaptation to cope with the high-altitude environment, which is an adaptation that is not found in any other wolf. We conclude that the protection of Himalayan wolves, and other sympatric carnivores can be enhanced by a) securing healthy wild prey populations (ungulates and small mammals) through setting aside wildlife habitat refuges, and b) more sustainable livestock herding including reduced livestock loads and improved herding practices and protection. For many of those affected, persecution of the wolves appears to be their only option. view more. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is its woolly fur. In addition, a social survey study with local communities helps to understand what people want and need to be able to commit to wildlife protection in these regions. The Acoustic Arms Race: Deaf Moths Versus Hunting Bats.

Local people expressed the wish to be closely involved in conservation work. We compared the prey species consumed to the relative availability of wild and domestic prey species. Ancient Himalayan wolf (Canis lupus chanco) lineage in Upper Mustang of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. ZooKeys, 582, 143. This formal taxonomic recognition paves the way to assign it an IUCN conservation status. by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system. The protection of the Himalayan wolves is critical to preserve these ecosystems given that top carnivores are key to keep an ecosystem healthy and balanced. Himalayan wolf found to be characteristically adapted to the harsh life in the Asian high altitudes, IMAGE: This is the Himalayan Wolf - Geraldine Werhahn. These research findings can now be used as data basis to formerly recognize the Himalayan wolf as an own wolf taxon (giving it a scientific (Latin) name). Find out more about the Himalayan wolves project here: http://www.himalayanwolvesproject.org/. The researchers found that the Himalayan wolf use more wild prey species than livestock when considering their availability and identified the main prey species for the Himalayan wolf. Firstly, the wolves encounter much more livestock than wild prey.

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