how much does it cost to replace a lexus hybrid battery

Toyota clearly has confidence in its battery packs, and offers an 8-year/100,000-mile warranty in most states.


, and the other negative. While spending more initially may seem expensive, we promise that you will spend more in the long run if you go for one of those $500 Lexus RX400H hybrid battery repairs. Stock photography by. The graph shows all modules of similar high capacity which indicates a well balanced battery with matched modules. “When my 2004 Prius batter died, I didn’t know where to turn. The modules capacity is determined and the module is placed in an “inventory” of similar capacity modules.

YourMechanic Price $206 to $235 Labor: $80 -$90 ... the alternator supplies the electricity needed for all vehicle systems and charges the battery to replace the electric energy used when starting a car.

Any battery that needs replacement within the warranty period will be replaced at no cost. The remaining components of the battery are cleaned, reconditioned, and tested to ensure proper operation. Until now there were few options to get your Hybrid battery pack replaced in your RX 400H, either you go to the dealer, or you risk having someone repair it by changing out a single module. Premium reconditioned Green Bean hybrid battery for a 2006-2009 Lexus RX 400H & backed by our Lifetime Warranty. They require their very own unique training and tools. If your dashboard display shows an erratic state of charge percentage that goes up and down in a matter of moments, your battery may not be working correctly. © Copyright 2020 | Exclusively Hybrid | Designed by Digital Elevator, “Wanted to take a minute and express my gratitude for your professionalism and understanding of my situation – you have done a great job and would recommend your service to anyone – also very competitive with better warranty than competitors.

The result?

While the cheap RX 400H battery repair may seem tempting at first a closer look will usually provide a different story.

Installation included in warranty coverage, Coverage anywhere in our service area, great if you travel or move.

Why should you choose Green Bean Battery? It’s essential to understand the battery expectation of your particular model of Lexus and the warranty associated with the hybrid battery.

–  This is important! But you can get a great replacement at nearly half the cost.

In states that adopt California's emissions regulations, that rises to 10-years/150,000-miles.

), costs, and how to get the best bang for your buck. "Sure, but what do the batteries cost to replace?"

Lexus hybrid battery replacement can get quite expensive. The power that is available within the battery determines the achievable acceleration rate. The battery modules or “cells” are conditioned in a process which reverses aging of the modules and restores their ability to store electrical energy.

Most Lexus RX400H hybrid battery “repairs” involve only replacing one module which means that you will be paying for a battery “repair” again real soon. Give us a call 888-473-7265 to discuss other options.

That's backed up by stories like the 300,000-mile Ford Escape hybrid taxis, and Consumer Reports recently tested a 215,000-mile 2003 Prius and found its performance had barely diminished. Battery replacement costs were not immediately available for most 2016 models, or for the 2012-2015 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. However, mechanical issues happen, as well as diminishing efficiency due to improper maintenance, so the battery life can vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle.

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