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He stars as Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-0 (2010). Kate promised not to tell, and went to the boathouse.

He is well-known among friends for his enormous record collection.

("Raised by Another"), A few days later, after Ethan disappeared and kidnapped Claire with him, Hurley stepped on a sea urchin while trying to fish.

Reyes?" Locke unsuccessfully attempted to convince Hurley to return to the island.

Jack and Daniel Faraday agree that dropping a hydrogen bomb will destroy the Island and prevent Oceanic Flight 815 from crashing in 2004.

He revealed to Locke his belief that Desmond can see the future, but Locke ignored him. In the time since, she’s continued to reprise her role as Letty in the Fast & Furious franchise, as well as appeared in the Machete films and a little movie called Avatar. Also, while at the Institute, Hurley played Connect Four with another patient, who repeated a series of six numbers over and over — 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. ", Hurley stopped at a gas station and bought an "I Heart my Shih-Tzu" T-shirt, from the limited selection.

Hurley began to show signs of stress, similar to those he experienced after the accident. Hurley also told Miles about his own troubled relationship with his father, and how he forgave him. During his stay, he was visited by Matthew Abaddon.

Dr. Chang had followed them and asked if they're really from the future. Jorge Garcia (born April 28, 1973) is an American actor and comedian. Jack disagreed and they argued. That's always a cool thing to be the voice of what the eyes are seeing.

[2] He sinks into a depressive state, so his mother checks him into a psychiatric institution. He is also half of the pop-rap dup MKTO, along with his former Gigantic co-star Tony Oller.

Nothing says a family vacation like an RV, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, It's looked — and felt — like a whole different world as we've been social distancing and attempting to keep each other safe, See All the Celebs Taking RV Trips This Summer, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, From Empty Streets to Virtual Weddings: What Life Has Looked Like During the Coronavirus Pandemic. However, you’ve definitely seen her since — she was in both the Taken and Twilight franchises, and also starred on Fear the Walking Dead.

Upon reaching the cabin, Locke continued in alone while Ben and Hurley waited outside. ("Everybody Loves Hugo"), Desmond had purposely drawn the two together, and he even watched from afar during the date. However, Sawyer eventually discovers Hurley has secret food stash, and blackmails him into helping him track a tree frog that is annoying him. Later, in the Box 2 parking lot, Hugo ran into the recently-fired employee John Locke, whose van was boxed in by Hurley's yellow Hummer.

The storyline involving Hurley's usage of the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 in a lottery has led to the sequence becoming a popular choice for lottery players.

Norton said the judge would never convict Hurley, and that he would be a free man. I definitely try to mix humor into anything I do, even if it is into a drama. The three of them went to a hidden construction site where Hurley overheard two workers putting the serial number on a metal door for this new station. ("The Other Woman") Hurley was also present at the group meeting at Locke's house; there, he learned that the freighter's crew planned to kill everyone on the Island after they captured Ben. Hurley stalls, until Richard Alpert, leads them to the ship The Black Rock and attempts to commit suicide using the dynamite. I have gotten used to working in the dark and I dig it. He first came to public attention with his performance as Hector Lopez on the television show Becker (1998), but probably more known later for his portrayal of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in the television series Lost (2004) from 2004 to 2010. After Sayid did not tell him the way to her shelter, Hurley took off, claiming he wants to find her to get a battery for the raft that Michael built.

They were saved by Jack, right before the wing hit the ground and exploded. In his audition to play Sawyer, the producers recognized him from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which had aired the previous night.

Hugo protested, but Jack inducted him nonetheless, his faith in Hurley echoing the man's earlier faith Jack. Kim played Sun-Hwa Kwon, one half of the show’s central married couple. Hurley then goes to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute where he is approached by a man named Matthew Abbadon, who claims to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. Eventually, Hurley and Jin made a deal—if Hurley would drink a cure Jin made for Hurley's wound, Jin would give him a fresh fish. Jacob explains to Hurley that he is not cursed, and leaves a guitar case with Hurley. They briefly passed Kate and their old caves before reaching their destination. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, played by Jorge Garcia.

Garcia also appeared on the cover of Weezer's 2010 album Hurley in a close-up shot from a photo he took with vocalist Rivers Cuomo. They ask you for just a second, but then they don't want to know. This driver turned out to be Ana Lucia Cortez, who was "not ready yet" to awaken. In 2011, Garcia appeared as a recurring character in Mr. Sunshine, portraying a caretaker at the Sunshine Center. Hurley has been the most slapped character on the show.

Fox’s role as Dr. Jack Shephard, the group’s tortured leader, was his TV comeback after playing Charlie Salinger on Party of Five. Chang revealed that he believed what Daniel told him about needing to evacuate the entire Island.

He was removed from Santa Rosa by Sayid, and taken to a "safe house", where he was mistaken for a murderer. With help from Sayid, Hurley arranged a picnic for the two of them on the same beautiful beach where Sayid and Shannon had visited on the eve of Boone's death. Miles then let Hurley in on the fact that Dr. Chang was his dad. The father and son left the Island with the Others' boat while Hurley was freed by the mysterious Ms. Klugh who told him he must make his way back to his camp and tell his people they must never come to the other side of the Island. You need to paint the picture, but it's tough trying to find the balance between a show that people can tune in on any given week while still grabbing the people who are there every week. "Numbers""Everybody Hates Hugo""Dave""Tricia Tanaka Is Dead""The Beginning of the End""The Lie""Everybody Loves Hugo"

However, a fight ensued between Desmond and Charlie, after Charlie called Desmond a coward, which Hurley was quick to break up.

Garcia spent six years working at Borders Books and Music while auditioning.

("Cabin Fever"), The three then continued on from the cabin to the Orchid. Soon after, her baby was kidnapped.

Later, Hurley discovers an old Dharma Initiative van. Hurley warned Jack that he is not good with blood, a comment which Jack ignored. After trekking across the jungle Jack exposes Michael as a traitor. As their rescue became imminent, Jack told them to lie about everything that happened since the crash, saying it was the only way to protect the ones that didn't come back. During an argument between Hurley and Charlie over Superman and Flash, Charlie was almost killed by an arrow trap.

David allowed Hurley to rebel against his strict mother, Carmen, but Hugo witnessed his father's flighty nature as David left the family for 17 years without explanation.

Hurley thinks she is crazy, but invites her on a date anyway. Hurley is one of the seven characters to appear in all six seasons and Missing Pieces along with, Hurley's episode count is 107. They heard music nearby and spotted a DHARMA van coming to the side of the lagoon. Hurley was once more institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Hurley's father shows him his birthday present – Hurley's old Camaro. This greatly disturbs Hurley, and he accuses his father of making a joke.

That's really my No. ("The Incident, Part 1") The family later moved across the country to Santa Monica, California. Hurley believed that, once again, this crisis was his fault. "The New Man in Charge"

His mental condition deteriorated to the point where he stopped taking his medication. Bad luck no longer plagued him, and he'd used his wealth for philanthropic purposes, "taking care of people" much as he did while alive.

However, Hurley broke the window to let Sawyer and Claire in, even with Ben urging him not to. The 46-year-old is well-renowned for his lead acting of 'Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes' in the ABC adventure mystery 'Lost'. When he met up with Jack, Sayid and Charlie, he gave them a battery Danielle gave him, and told Sayid she said "hey." "Pilot, Part 1" He has remained on the small screen since, with roles on Scandal, Inhumans, The Passage and The 100, the latter of which he starred on for six seasons. By Us Weekly Staff.

He demanded to know where his stuff was, but his anger disappeared with Hurley's hug.

Outside, Jacob reappears to Hurley, congratulating him on bringing Jack to the lighthouse as needed for Jack to realize that he is important to the Island. One morning, Rousseau arrives on the beach and warns the camp that the Others are coming. Desmond frantically warned them about the bomb but Frank landed anyway, so they could refill the tank and patch up the leak. 175.

He mistakes her for dead and finds Paulo in the jungle in the same situation.

Centric Mobisode As he was being handcuffed, Hurley smiled at a shocked and dismayed Ben. Reason in Australia Later, he was captured by the Others, along with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as a part of Michael's betrayal, but was released to go back and warn the other survivors not to come for them. On their second day on the Island, after he was mocked by a survivor named Sawyer, he sat beside another survivor, an Iraqi man named Sayid, who was trying to fix the plane's transceiver. The ceiling of Hurley's bedroom was shaped like a horseshoe, a traditional symbol of good luck. Several others, including Claire, followed his lead. What makes Jorge Garcia feel at home on set?

Hurley awoke in 2007 and continued tending to Sayid but soon stumbled upon Jacob's ghost. When he surfaced, he saw Desmond returning, and immediately noticed Charlie's absence.

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