indecent proposal analysis

Now we're talking price." When the recession hits, they stand to lose everything they own, so they go to Las Vegas to have one shot with their last five thousand dollars at winning the money they need. However, it begins to erode their relationship. Indignant but already seduced, Diana and David … In the movie Indecent Proposal the young married couple, David and Diana Murphy, are put in a very unusual situation for most people. 1011 Words 5 Pages. During the movie when the Murphys first accepted John Gage’s offer, they saw it as acceptable because they saw themselves as having a limited number of choices. "Indecent Proposal" is in a very old tradition, in which love is put to the test of need and desire and triumphs in the end, although not without a great many moments when it seems quite willing to cave in to passion.

Since I saw the movie a week ago, I've been involved in half a dozen discussions on the subject. Synopsis He offers to give the couple a million dollars if he could have one night with Diana. Taglines It all depends on the individual and their beliefs. Redford is, first of all, a splendid salesman, avoiding strong-arm tactics, seducing the couple into seriously considering the choice. . In the immortal words of a folk song by Bob Gibson: But what the hell, honey - Since you've already got my money . But while they are there, Diana catches the eye of John Gage, a handsome billionaire (Robert Redford) who offers them a million dollars if he can spend one night with her.

"Indecent Proposal" was directed by Adrian Lyne, whose credits include two other excursions into the thickets of sexual danger, "9 1/2 Weeks" and "Fatal Attraction. | This movie is a kinder and gentler exploration of love and lust. Analysis Of Indecent Proposal The Young Married Couple, David And Diana Murphy, There is a wide variety of moral theories out there. The movie opens with a dreamy narration about how Diana and David (Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson) have been in love since high school and have stuck together through thick and thin and architecture school, until - well, until they go broke, and David is threatened with the loss of his masterpiece, a house on the beach in Santa Monica. In their last attempt to revive their financial situation, they decide to gamble in Las Vegas, where they meet John Gage, a very rich man, who offers them one million dollars to spend the night with Diana. Most people believe that they would not even take this idea into consideration while some people might consider this as inappropriate, but acceptable in certain cases. I could also have mentioned "The Crying Game." There are large challenges to logic in the film (for example, even apart from how Harrelson eventually seems determined to spend the million, why has he forgotten his lawyer's 5 percent?). Out of all of these theories out there I have chosen to talk about the ones in which I believe are the closest related to the movie I … There, the suave billionaire and high-stakes gambler, John Gage, tempts the broke young couple and makes David the indecent proposal: should Diana accept to spend the night with him, one million dollars is theirs. I ask not because I imagine you have been weighing such offers, but because the movie is deliberately designed to place the viewer in the position of assessing his or her own ideas about marital fidelity and putting a price tag on them.

Out of desperation, they both agree to do it and forget it forever.

David is a talented architect; Diana is a top-notch real estate agent. But we are intrigued by movies in which the plots somewhat plausibly present Richard Gere, Demi Moore or Stephen Rea with such a choice.

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