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", "Expression of meprin subunit precursors. ", Parthasarathy, R.; Chow, KM ; Derafshi, Z.; Fautsch, MP ; Hetling, JR ; Rodgers, DW ; Hersh, LB ; Pepperberg, DR, "Reduction of amyloid-beta levels in mouse eye tissues by intra-vitreally delivered neprilysin.". ", "Characterization of the REST/NRSF-interacting LIM domain protein (RILP): localization and interaction with REST/NRSF. Lou Hirsch, left, helps two Garrard County High School students learn how to extract DNA in a UK lab. ", "Role of zinc finger domains of the transcription factor neuron-restrictive silencer factor/repressor element-1 silencing transcription factor in DNA binding and nuclear localization. ", Gilmor, ML ; Erickson, JD ; Varoqui, H.; Hersh, LB ; Bennett, DA ; Cochran, EJ ; Mufson, EJ ; Levey, AI, "Preservation of nucleus basalis neurons containing choline acetyltransferase and the vesicular acetylcholine transporter in the elderly with mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer's disease. ", Vijayaraghavan, J.; Kim, YA ; Jackson, D.; Orlowski, M.; Hersh, LB, "Use of site-directed mutagenesis to identify valine-573 in the S'1 binding site of rat neutral endopeptidase 24.11 (enkephalinase). Rose, JB ; Crews, L.; Rockenstein, E.; Adame, A.; Mante, M.; Hersh, LB ; Gage, FH ; Spencer, B.; Potkar, R.; Marr, RA ; Masliah, E. "Neuropeptide Y fragments derived from neprilysin processing are neuroprotective in a transgenic model of Alzheimer's disease. Correlation of allosteric properties with changes in the sedimentation behavior.". ", Blumberg, S.; Teichberg, VI ; Charli, JL ; Hersh, LB ; McKelvy, JF, "Cleavage of substance P to an N-terminal tetrapeptide and a C-terminal heptapeptide by a post-proline Cleaving enzyme from bovine brain. ", Ojeda, SR ; Costa, ME ; Katz, KH ; Hersh, LB, "Evidence for the existence of substance P in the prepubertal rat ovary. dave.mcnear@uky.edu. "Heterogeneity and selectivity of the degeneration of cholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain of patients with Alzheimer's disease. ", De Lacalle, S.; Lim, C.; Sobreviela, T.; Mufson, EJ ; Hersh, LB ; Saper, CB, "Cholinergic innervation in the human hippocampal formation including the entorhinal cortex. ?>, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Faculty Resources, Planning and Assessment. lhersh@uky.edu. ", Sexton, T.; Hitchcook, LJ ; Rodgers, DW ; Bradley, LH ; Hersh, LB, "Active site mutations change the cleavage specificity of neprilysin. ", Lysakowski, A.; Wainer, BH ; Bruce, G.; Hersh, LB, "An atlas of the regional and laminar distribution of choline acetyltransferase immunoreactivity in rat cerebral cortex.". ", "The reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-activated phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from Pseudomonas MA. "Mesencephalic cholinergic nuclei in progressive supranuclear palsy.". * @file College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. For your intial semester in Ag and Medical Biotech, please contact Esther Fleming, efleming@uky.edu, the ABT Academic Coordinator or Dr. Lou Hirsch, robert.hirsch@uky.edu. Photo by Lou Hirsch. KY 40546-0099, 222 Medical Science Building Lexington, ", "Reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-activated phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in Pseudomonas MA: potential regulation between carbon assimilation and energy production. "Puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase. B., & Bluhm, B. H. (2013). Science - NorthLexington, KY 40546-0091859-257-4772, Students   /   ", Csuhai, E.; Juliano, MA ; Pyrek, JS ; Harms, AC ; Juliano, L.; Hersh, LB, "New fluorogenic substrates for N-arginine dibasic convertase. ", Mesulam, MM ; Geula, C.; Bothwell, MA ; Hersh, LB, "Human reticular formation: cholinergic neurons of the pedunculopontine and laterodorsal tegmental nuclei and some cytochemical comparisons to forebrain cholinergic neurons. University of Kentucky Bio / Education: B.S. ", Csuhai, E.; Juliano, MA ; Juliano, L.; Hersh, LB, "Kinetic analysis of spermine binding to NRD convertase. ", "Induction of choline acetyltransferase in the neuroblastoma x glioma cell line NG108-15. ", "Choline acetyltransferase: celebrating its fiftieth year. News Topics: Awards, Crops, Extension, Research. KY 40546-0312, S-307D Agricultural Science Center North Lexington, * @see template_process() ", Gaykema, RP ; Nyakas, C.; Horvath, E.; Hersh, LB ; Majtenyi, C.; Luiten, PG, "Cholinergic fiber aberrations in nucleus basalis lesioned rat and Alzheimer's disease. ", Hersh, LB ; Stark, MJ ; Worthen, S.; Fiero, MK, "N-methylglutamate dehydrogenase: kinetic studies on the solubilized enzyme. * @ingroup themeable ", "Cholinergic innervation in the human striatum: a three-compartment model. ", "Rat liver omega-amidase. Li, JY ; Dahlström, AM ; Hersh, LB ; Dahlström, A. ", Armstrong, DM ; Bruce, G.; Hersh, LB ; Gage, FH, "Development of cholinergic neurons in the septal/diagonal band complex of the rat. ", "Cholinergic innervation of the human cerebellum. ", "Studies on detergent released choline acetyltransferase from membrane fractions of rat and human brain. PI of COBRE for the Center for Molecular Medicine, Office of Medical Education: (859) 323-5261, © 2020 University of Kentucky College of Medicine, William R. Willard Medical Education Building, MN 150 - Lexington KY, USA 40536-0298, Chow, KM ; Whiteheart, SW ; Smiley, JR ; Sharma, S.; Boaz, K ; Coleman, MJ ; Maynard, A ; Hersh, LB ; Vander Kooi, CW, "Immunization of Alpacas (Lama pacos) with Protein Antigens and Production of Antigen-specific Single Domain Antibodies. ", "The use of DNase I hypersensitivity site mapping to identify regulatory regions of the human cholinergic gene locus. Digital Media Library, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. ", "Insulin-degrading enzyme is not secreted from cultured cells. A new variant of endopeptidase 24.16. For your intial semester in Ag and Medical Biotech, please contact Esther Fleming, efleming@uky.edu, the ABT Academic Coordinator or Dr. Lou Hirsch, robert.hirsch@uky.edu. Research   /   ", Miller, BC ; Thiele, DL ; Rodd, D.; Hersh, LB ; Cottam, GL, "Active beta-endorphin metabolites generated by T-cell ectopeptidases. Extension   /   ", Dempsey, EC ; Wick, MJ ; Karoor, V.; Barr, EJ ; Tallman, DW ; Wehling, CA ; Walchak, SJ ; Laudi, S.; Le, M.; Oka, M.; Majka, S.; Cool, CD ; Fagan, KA ; Klemm, DJ ; Hersh, LB ; Gerard, NP ; Gerard, C.; Miller, YE, "Neprilysin null mice develop exaggerated pulmonary vascular remodeling in response to chronic hypoxia.". ", Niedowicz, DM ; Reeves, VL ; Platt, TL ; Kohler, K.; Beckett, TL ; Powell, DK ; Lee, TL ; Sexton, TR ; Song, ES ; Brewer, LD ; Latimer, CS ; Kraner, SD ; Larson, KL ; Ozcan, S.; Norris, CM ; Hersh, LB ; Porter, NM ; Wilcock, DM ; Murphy, MP, "Obesity and diabetes cause cognitive dysfunction in the absence of accelerated β-amyloid deposition in a novel murine model of mixed or vascular dementia. Digital Media Library, PPA 500: Physiology of Plant Health and Disease, ABT 495: Experimental Techniques in Biotechnology. Research   /   ", "Substrate-dependent dissociation of malate thiokinase. ", "5-Hydroxy-N-methylpyroglutamate synthetase. ", Li, C.; Chen, G.; Gerard, NP ; Gerard, C.; Bozic, CR ; Hersh, LB, "Comparison of the structure and expression of the human and rat neprilysin (endopeptidase 24.11)-encoding genes. June 15, 2020. Separation of the reaction into a malate thiokinase and malyl coenzyme A lyase. Departments & Units   /   Nancy CoxDeanS123 Ag. Hersh, LB ; Takane, K.; Gylys, K.; Moomaw, C.; Slaughter, C. "Conservation of amino acid sequences between human and porcine choline acetyltransferase. ebailey@uky.edu (859) 218-1105 . ", Lysakowski, A.; Wainer, BH ; Rye, DB ; Bruce, G.; Hersh, LB, "Cholinergic innervation displays strikingly different laminar preferences in several cortical areas. ", Wu, D.; Schormann, N.; Lian, W.; Deisenhofer, J.; Hersh, LB, "Expression, purification, and characterization of recombinant Drosophila choline acetyltransferase. * ", Lian, W.; Wu, D.; Konings, WN ; Mierau, I.; Hersh, LB, "Heterologous expression and characterization of recombinant Lactococcus lactis neutral endopeptidase (neprilysin). ", "Glycosylation variants of endopeptidase-24.11 ('enkephalinase').". ", "Inhibition of aminopeptidase and acetylcholinesterase by puromycin and puromycin analogs. Stricker, R.; Chow, KM ; Walther, D.; Hanck, T.; Hersh, LB ; Reiser, G. "Interaction of the brain-specific protein p42IP4/centaurin-alpha1 with the peptidase nardilysin is regulated by the cognate ligands of p42IP4, PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 and Ins(1,3,4,5)P4, with stereospecificity. ", "Reaction of opioid peptides with neutral endopeptidase ("enkephalinase"). ", Holt, DJ ; Herman, MM ; Hyde, TM ; Kleinman, JE ; Sinton, CM ; German, DC ; Hersh, LB ; Graybiel, AM ; Saper, CB, "Evidence for a deficit in cholinergic interneurons in the striatum in schizophrenia. ", "Effect of salts on the physical and kinetic properties of human placental choline acetyltransferase. Lehéricy, S.; Hirsch, EC ; Cervera-Piérot, P.; Hersh, LB ; Bakchine, S.; Piette, F.; Duyckaerts, C.; Hauw, JJ ; Javoy-Agid, F.; Agid, Y. Director of the COBRE Protein Core. ", Gaykema, RP ; Gaál, G.; Traber, J.; Hersh, LB ; Luiten, PG, "The basal forebrain cholinergic system: efferent and afferent connectivity and long-term effects of lesions. It is generally believed that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the accumulation of a peptide called the amyloid beta peptide in the brain of affected individuals. ", Shipp, MA ; Vijayaraghavan, J.; Schmidt, EV ; Masteller, EL ; D'Adamio, L.; Hersh, LB ; Reinherz, EL, "Common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (CALLA) is active neutral endopeptidase 24.11 ("enkephalinase"): direct evidence by cDNA transfection analysis. Strauss, WL ; Kemper, RR ; Jayakar, P.; Kong, CF ; Hersh, LB ; Hilt, DC ; Rabin, M. "Human choline acetyltransferase gene maps to region 10q11-q22.2 by in situ hybridization.

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