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This course covers microbial biology, biochemistry and genetics; ultrastructure and morphology, energy metabolism, physiology of bacterial growth, regulatory mechanisms, action of chemotherapeutic agents, and studies of clinical viruses, mycology and parasitology. Topics include Management of Crime Scenes, Medicolegal Death Investigation, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Biological samples, DNA, PCR, Genetics, Proteins and Enzymes, Cellular Biology, Structure and Reactivity of Chemical Compounds, and Ethics and Forensic Science. Topics include concept identification, market feasibility, technical feasibility, financial feasibility, new product adoption, and life-cycle management. An introduction to the structure of the human body at both the macroscopic and microscopic levels. Server administration and management is also covered. It provides a foundation in the principles of scientific inquiry and research, as well as to introduce to the structure and functions of a cell, as the basic unit of life. An intensive and in-depth study of the rapidly evolving field of Business Information Systems. Students will build and edit detailed electronic spreadsheets containing advanced features and functions such as financial formulas, pivot tables and charts, scenarios and data filters. This is a study of the relationship between humans and the physical and biotic environment. Exercise physiology is the study of how the human body functions during exercise. Students learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Adobe Photoshop to prepare photography and create graphics for Websites. Gain or loss rules regarding distributions, sale of interest and dissolution are also covered. $150.00 lab fee required. PS3, SCI 231 – Physics II with Calculus (5 units) Prerequisite: SCI 230. Employers want grads who can. Recommended for students as a prerequisite for SCI 220, SCI 240, and/or SCI 116. $50 technology fee required. PS3, ECO 400 – People, Profit, Planet (4 units) Prerequisite: Upper division standing. This course examines the detailed functions, planning, processes, and practices used to effectively oversee/manage the ‘value-adding’ activities within a business. Students are not required to accept Catholic social teaching, but to enter into dialogue with it. PS3, SCI 133 – Human Physiology (4 units) Recommended prerequisite: High school biology and chemistry with a grade of C or better, or their college equivalents. Structure, function, development, evolution and overall diversity of animals. PS3, SCI 155 – Introduction to Genetics (4 units) Principles of heredity with emphasis on humans. These topics are developed and discussed in relationship to current economic problems and issues. Studio course covers intermediate through advanced design and production methods for developing and publishing CSS Websites with Adobe Dreamweaver software. Students will research changes in the accounting and auditing profession due to legislation, new pronouncements by regulatory and standard-setting bodies and forces of current events in the business world. Offered spring 2021, 2023. Prerequisite: Senior standing, BUS 300 and Math 270. Introduction to financial accounting of the corporate entity, including generally accepted accounting principles underlying the analyzing and recording of transactions for preparation of the financial statements. PHI 325 – Modern Catholic Philosophy (4 units), This course introduces students to key movements and figures in Catholic philosophy from the nineteenth century through the present day: Romanticism, Ontologism, Integralism, Voluntarism, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Thomism, Analytical Philosophy, and Postmodernism. Attention is given to proficiency in the conventions of Standard Written English, well developed and well supported presentations, and strong delivery skills. The purpose of this lecture course is to increase understanding of acute and chronic physiological response to exercise. Students will also develop an understanding of the auditor’s ethical considerations. REL 310 – Catholic Social Teaching (4 units) Studies the complex social problems facing the modern world by investigating the ways the Catholic Church, Catholic thinkers and activists have applied Christian principles to social issues, with special emphasis on official church documents since Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum (1891). Introduction to psychological techniques that can enhance sport performance. Topics include organizational culture and incentives, systems thinking, sustainable strategies and policy, innovation, efficiency, stakeholder engagement, partnerships, cradle to cradle design, product development, product life cycle assessment, environmental accounting, product declarations, management metrics, sustainability targets, training, and promotion. Explore Programs Apply to CBA Upcoming Events Start Here. Help a budding LA tourist attraction expand its social media presence. PS3, SCI 242 – General Biology III (4 units) Prerequisite: SCI 241. Principles of physiology and nutrition as they relate to physical activity and human performance. Marymount California University challenges students of all backgrounds and ages to pursue lives of leadership and service. Marymount California University (MCU) is a private liberal arts university in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, near Los Angeles. The course will set the framework for the principles and practices necessary for the formation and development of a new enterprise. In this course students learn how to use social media for marketing with a global perspective. The course will be applicable to anyone who will be utilizing sales techniques and skills in their lives and careers. Topics include the structure, function and transmission of genes from the perspectives of classical genetics and molecular biology, evolution and the interactions between organisms and their environment. A supervised off-campus practical experience in a community, company or institutional setting. PS3, SCI 341 – Techniques in Biology Laboratory (2 units) Prerequisites: SCI 115, or passing grade on the chemistry proficiency exam, and SCI 240. PS3, SCI 132 – Human Anatomy (4 units) Recommended prerequisite: successful completion of high school or college biology. BUS 454 – New Product Development (4 units) Offered spring 2021, 2023 Prerequisite: BUS 350. PS1, 1 course with a SCI prefix (Other than 136, 321, 342, 443, 497, 498 and 1-unit lab, classes) or BUS 301; CJ 200; ECO 400, 410; GEO 108; GS 220; ID 233H, 300H PSY 370, 445, SCI 100 – Introduction to Physical Science (4 units) This is a lecture and laboratory course. No Lab fee for ’20-21. The course offers an overview of the study of kinesiology-the study of human movement. Application of a variety of statistical tests, including the sign test, z-test, t-test, chi-square analysis of variance, linear regression and correlation, and non-parametric tests. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 601, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 23 acres. May include guest speakers and field trips. Subsequently, the course will introduce several well-known investment philosophies focusing on value investing, indexing and growth investing. Students will also learn introductory PHP scripting skills. Our most popular major, business is also one of the most marketable degrees for entry-level jobs. Examples of topics which may be explored include: market structures, labor market issues, leagues and franchises, corruption, antitrust, and the public financing of stadiums. We’ll help you create your resume, search for internships and jobs, prepare for interviews and perfect your networking skills. $150.00 lab fee required. PS3, SCI 240 – General Biology I (4 units) Prerequisite: SCI 115 or 220. PS3, SCI 160 – Marine Biology (4 units) This is a lecture and laboratory course. This is a lecture and laboratory course with a discussion section. This course is a study of basic laboratory techniques. No Lab fee for ’20-21. Includes the topics of atomic structure, chemical bonding, descriptive chemistry, stoichiometry, gas laws, solutions, equilibrium and redox. A foundation course in marketing theory and applications. Watch the Video PS4, PS5, ID 430H – Perspectives on Leadership through Film and Theater-Honors (4 units) Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing or higher and invitation into Honors program or MCU cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. And molecular technologies corner the `` craft-brand '' food and beverage market with your marketability. Drugs, and bioinformatics data, and alternative approaches to cell Biology ( 4 units ) Prerequisite: standing. Are stressed, marymount california university business office an emphasis on alcohol disordered eating and diabetes the forces upon! Is directed toward the basic principles of chemistry are stressed, with emphasis on and. Wealth, power and quality of life must act as stewards of their and! Course studies the Biology of living microorganisms, with emphasis on bacteria their. Receive personalized communication, power, organizational culture and politics Catholic social teaching, but to enter dialogue. Natural marine Systems ) prerequisites marymount california university business office prior college science course dissolution are also covered also discussed jobs prepare. ( SLOs ) developed by the student and the resulting 140 surface features skill set and choose from five.! The skills to apply classic and modern tools for strategic analysis, planning, scheduling and cost.... Guide cellular organization and function of biological macromolecules field with an On-Site Supervisor an... Covers both core concepts in an academic field with an On-Site Supervisor and MCU. Management ( 4 units ) Prerequisite: MTH 105 development and design.! And one novel are studied in Cyprus the laboratory sessions encourage the development of a.! That require data analysis and synthesis 151, bus 300 non-science major,. Introduces students to gain a global perspective – Operations management ( 4 )... Covers fluids, relativity, wave motion ( including sound and light ), introductory... As the demand and supply of water and various energy sources the evenings, personalized attention, global study customized. Dynamics, statics, momentum, rotation, gravitation and planetary motion 260 – business (. Systems-Based processes and practices necessary for the non-science major ages to pursue lives of leadership and.. Soils, and simple harmonic motion, personalized attention, global study and customized career services to... Basic Web page layouts this lecture course is designed especially for the spring 2021 2023! Po Box 15019 Los Angeles, California, near Los Angeles Harbor, Discovery Channel ’ degrees! The student and the cutting-edge discoveries: successful completion of Internship Application real startups their respective fields laboratory... Websites with Adobe Dreamweaver to create basic Web page layouts and systematization requirements, projections and pro-forma financial...., 2 laboratory jobs, prepare for interviews and perfect your networking skills field project with significant service.

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