mud architects

T��&fZ��%v*N�R�l�r#�ͪ����8J����F5��O[�N�h�0���;z�x���UA��S̩oפ4�oүWIK�3��p�Aַ�I�.��4��dmZ <> <> During his time at Swaraj University, he was not only able to explore different building techniques, but his various internships took him across the country. "In Ladakh, everyone has some basic understanding of building structures and I was always fascinated by these structures. These studios take into account the regional architecture of a place to understand the context, climate, and materials used to suit the needs of that region. Here, for the first time, he met people who, like him, were exploring self-learning.

x�3R��2�35W(�*T0P�R0T(�Y@���@QC= P A�J��� �1Tp�W� The Center for Sustainable Built and Natural Environment is founded by Eugene Pandala a veteran architect well-known for his vernacular designs and his approach to environmentally friendly construction. There, he met Samyuktha Saravanan from Coimbatore and they collaborated to create Earth Building, which specialises in constructing mud houses using traditional architectural methods from the days of yore. India is a country with varied geographies and cultures are fortunate to find a wide array of both quaint and grandiose earthen architecture that boasts of a vast array of construction nuances and textural palettes.”, The relevance of earth architecture as India moves towards rapid modernisation, “The construction industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and India is a country guaranteed to see a large amount of development in the coming years. 15 0 obj stream "I walked out of my school in Shimla when I was in 12th grade because I was fed up with the education system. Moreover, adobe has less compressive strength compared to cement blocks and we increase the thickness of the walls. endobj They exist in places where there are earthquakes like in Japan – they use mud, but they use different techniques like wattle and daub. Mud Architecture - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. So, we try to use that as our learning in order to see if we can do something – not exactly like that – but to use that as our base for our design, to evolve a new form of architecture and use mud in more inventive ways.”, 2. The wood and earth architecture of the Bhal region of Gujarat, the houses and mansions of all scales, was fascinating in my growing years; not to speak of their environmental adaptiveness.
endobj "We meet and interact with a lot of people while conducting the workshops. In Bihar too, you can find a lot of buildings made partially in mud and timber. Samyuktha feels that her bent towards sustainability comes from her father, who has always had had eco-friendly practices. Fortunately, a return to organic materials and forms of construction is on the rise amongst Indian architecture firms. x�3R��2�35W(�r i(�`�.���*�)o �0���O8 We have to step back and think again, be humble to our environment and earth, and learn from our past mistakes over 5 to 6 decades of mindless consumption-based growth. Several people approached us and offered to work and learn and that's how we developed the crew for that build," says Samyuktha. It is crucial that we look into greener and cleaner construction materials. MAD Architecture applies their depth of experience to modern house design and architecture of wineries, work places, hospitality, .. �H��qL�Y��FK��A"�͐��6����/�N��f�yAf��*Ty*#z;�NEe����­W��ڥ�ڪOףOl! Traditional mud architecture through the ages “Techniques for building with mud are almost everywhere. i(�`�.���*�)o �0���D8 "My parents wanted to move back from to the village after staying in the city for several years. This was an idea that had been floating around in Stanzin's mind ever since he was a child. "You can't build a natural building while it is raining. So when I came to Auroville in the early 90s, I wanted to centre my work around its context, local skills and traditions – earth architecture being one in Southern India.”, “Nothing we are consuming, the mindless consumerism and completely non-conscious lifestyles, are sustainable; even in the short term. Bidushi Das. He had visited my earthbag house and really liked it," says Samyuktha. So it’s the resistance from a lot of people that has been challenging in that sense, but it also makes it merrier.”, On the importance of geographical context in architecture, “We try and understand the traditional, vernacular architecture to see how the people have built in the years gone by. x�3R��2�35W(�r 11 0 obj Before building my house, we had posted about it on Facebook, inviting people to learn the processes and also help us build it. "We used a technique called Adobe for the farmhouse that we built for a person from my hometown. I have lived in and seen these technologies, survive the test of time, withstand disasters and adapt to generations of families. <> The duo hires interns for every project and don't have a predetermined team of people with whom they work with. Samyuktha and Stanzin recently built a farmhouse in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu.

<> Started by Dharmesh Jadeja, the studio focuses on strengthening the traditional Indian construction by understanding, developing and innovating with locally available materials around the context of environmental and social impacts. Earth bag dome in HIAL, Ladakh (Pics: Earth Building). Q�w3T04�30PISp �22 �ɢt�B/C�r ���@+0P A�J��� �1Rp�W� Even the silica for glass is mined. And that is how Earth Building was born. Mad about mud: These two travelling architects are building mud houses across India. endobj With a strong foot on Research and Development, they are humanitarians striving to promote sustainable architecture and innovative use of natural materials. You use coal to burn it and you use a lot of energy to transform it. Earthbags, for example, can be used to raise the structure very fast and don't require a lot of water. “I think the biggest challenge, in my opinion, would be – the people who are close-minded about it and who live in a sort of myth that this is a poor person’s material. Founded by Areen Attari and Shaveer Irani, Put Your Hands Together (PYHT)  is a bio-architecture firm that designs within the eco-system, engages with the community and builds with local and natural materials. But, the duo did not initially start with the intention of developing Earth Building. Q�w3T04�30PISp �22 �ɢt�B/C�r ���@+0P A�J��� �1Up�W�

Traditional mud architecture through the ages, “Techniques for building with mud are almost everywhere. Coimbatore's Samyuktha Saravanan and Ladakh's Stanzing Phuntsog are from completely different places and cultures, but they are united in their love for one thing — mud! stream He approached us to help him figure it out," says Samyuktha. What inspired his use of mud in architecture. �n8�rsK#ef��BE� %PDF-1.4 So when it decomposes, it doesn’t cause any environmental problems when it goes back to the earth. � s�wӜ�nl>?M�ee�~�w�s}V�c~|��I��`���.�:*Su��U�'d3+*�2�H�졜�k2�'*�q�JT�'*������w���~��F����>S���D�E�Q�MՕ4I�+�e�U�� E����ެ��>W�h��OҒ�e�����#��$��\~�e��r��*��k{B��H_��ǔn�E_��w����]:���]�ޯ���=(?Ƽ�e���Z�YSUuY��t�TyS�_� �L�7=�T�m�W���6")���Y뤮k���$�02_$�� ��&O��8�Xdq�T�Ҷ$K����،(�+�zU They exist in places where there are earthquakes like in Japan – they use mud, but they use different techniques like wattle and daub. "Straw is added to make it more resistant to rain. Rarely is this material associated with modernity, as one that would fit into the context of contemporary architecture. <> With a degree in architecture, she wishes to travel and write on the beautiful cities and buildings she encounters. Masons Ink Studio, founded by Rosie Paul and Sreedevi Changali is a ‘people’ oriented design and construction firm.

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