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Hausa, as well as other Afroasiatic languages like Kanuri, Margi, and Bade (another West Chadic languages spoken in northeastern Nigeria), have historically been written in a modified Arabic script known as ajami, however, the modern official orthography is now a romanization known as boko first introduced by the British regime in the 1930s. Hausa has therefore emerged as lingua franca throughout much of West Africa and the Sahel in particular. Their westernmost representatives in Nigeria are the Tula-Waja languages. Start typing & press "Enter" or "ESC" to close, Professional English to Nigerian Translation Services, Fast free translation estimates for English to Nigerian, Certified to ISO 17100 for Nigerian Translation Services. © 2020 LANGUAGE MARKETPLACE. Here are corrections to a few misconceptions as regards the processes of having to translate English to French or other language pairs. Over the years, translators in Nigeria from DY+ have provided numerous document translation and localization services of several official documents as well as working papers of international conferences.

While offering translation services in Abuja and beyond, We also have a team of dedicated proofreaders and editors that ensure for uniformity and the required standard. Top B2B Agency in Africa 2020 (Translation Services), Hausa Translation Services | Hausa Interpretation Agency in Nigeria, Interpretation Services Abuja – Conference Service Provider, Global Leader in Transcription Services – Best in Nigeria, Onaiwu Destiny – Language Consultant | English – Pidgin Translator, Time Coded Transcription Services in Nigeria. Jos Nigeria in "Ngappak" journal of the Tarok Nation 2005, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 15:32.

Nigeria is composed of multiple ethnic groups and cultures and the term Nigerian refers to a citizenship-based civic nationality.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way. Below is a list of major Chadic branches and their primary locations based on Blench (2019). The Anioma are the Aniocha, Ndokwa/Ukwuani, Ika and Oshimilli of Delta state. Lastly and most importantly, our team of certified translators in Nigeria always adhere  strictly the rules of confidentiality while dealing with the documents entrusted to us. Other than Chadic languages, Arabic varieties, particularly Shuwa Arabic, are also spoken throughout northern Nigeria. English to Igbo Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. There are several small language groupings in the Niger Confluence area, notably Ukaan, Akpes, Ayere-Ahan and Ọkọ, whose inclusion in these groupings has never been satisfactorily argued. Ajuah, Ajure, Adaa, Adara, Azuwa, Ajuwa, Azuwa, Borno, Kaduna, Adamawa, Kano, Niger, Jigawa, Plateau, Taraba, Yobe, Bauchi, Plateau, Kaduna, Abuja, Niger, Kogi, Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Kogi, Dyerma, Dyarma, Dyabarma, Zabarma, Adzerma, Djerma, Zarbarma, Zerma, Zarmawa, Blench, Roger (1998) 'The Status of the Languages of Central Nigeria', in Brenzinger, M.

It’s vitally important that marketing and advertising messages are correctly adapted to this audience, while not compromising the original purpose, style, tone and context of the message.

According to most translators, they consider a word count of 350 words to be equal to a page. All Rights Reserved. In the translation industry we use the term ‘Transcreation’ to refer to this adaptation of a text to suit the cultural understanding of a specific target audience. We are have thousands of certified and sworn translators and interpreters providing translation services and interpretation services for over 205 languages including French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Bulgarian, German, Japanese, Chinese (both Mandarin We help your content, product and services become truly global by adding our professional touch in transforming both words and ideas into your other languages of choice.

For example, many colors, symbols and region specific slang can have implications that can be quite different to those intended. Document notarisation is the process of signing a document by an authorised person. We always give good reasons to have to recommend our translation services in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria to other people. Offices: We have a large number of mother tongue Nigerian translators and interpreters dispersed all around the world.

Of these, Chadic languages predominate, with over 700+ languages.

Chigudu, Theophilus Tanko (2017); Indigenous peoples of North clCentral Nigeria Area: an endangered race. The language is spoken primarily amongst Northern Nigerian, and the language is often associated with Islamic culture in Nigeria and West Africa on the whole.

How much does it cost to translate a page? Lamle, Elias Nankap, Coprreality and Dwelling spaces in Tarokland. As such some languages, particularly those with a large number of speakers, have been standardized and received a romanized orthography. Our translation services in Lagos focus clients that often translate English to French as well as many other language pairs with the mindset that a properly translated document instantly uplifts the image and persona of the client and at this translation agency in Nigeria, the image of the client is our number one priority and we never lose sight of that.

We have specialist teams of professional linguist in various fields and competences. East Benue–Congo includes Kainji, Plateau (46 languages, notably Gamai language), Jukunoid, Dakoid and Cross River. 2 to 3 million each of Edo, Igala, Nupe, and Izon.


With us, the solution to your translated document is just a CLICK away.

Recent opinion, however, has been to revert to Greenberg's distinction. The literature must thus be read with care and due regard for the date. However, unknown Chadic languages are still being reported, witness the recent description of Dyarim.

ShanTranslation is a leading translation Company offering Professional Nigeria language translation services by specialized native Nigeria language translator The Kwa languages are represented by the Gun group in the extreme southwest, which is affiliated to the Gbe languages in Benin and Togo.

Former Eastern Kwa, i.e. Our team of certified translators in Nigeria are professionals in the field with decade of working experience. [7] Like the Adamawa and Bantu languages, Chadic branches are also referred to by lettered codes. Igbo language proper, Ukwuani, Ikwerre, Ekpeye etc., Yoruboid, i.e. Eastern dialects also include some dialects spoken in Zaria, and Bauchi; Western Hausa dialects include Sakkwatanchi spoken in Sokoto, Katsinanchi in Katsina Arewanchi in both Gobir and Adar, Kebbi, and Zamfara. Our translation services in Lagos focus clients that often translate English to French as well as many other language pairs with the mindset that a properly translated document instantly uplifts the image and persona of the client and at this translation agency in Nigeria, the image of the client is our number one priority and we never lose sight of that. We can professionally translate your website into Nigerian, retaining its meaning and flavor as per your original content. We are in a position to collect or take delivery of your important or original documents. Certified to ISO 17100, which mandates EVERY Nigerian translation be revised / proofread by a second professional Nigerian translator. This ISO certification is an assurance our translation company has met a wide range of process and quality assurance mechanisms that correlate in providing our clients confidence in our Nigerian translations.

Mande languages are spoken in Kebbi State, Niger State, and Kwara State.[7]. In the age of globalization, localizing your website into Nigerian is a highly cost-effective investment and an easy way to expand your business presence in that target market.

Relocation agency. Linguistics expert Samuel Aje notes that language also "defines the customs and traditions of the people... and its neglect has contributed to the struggle being faced by many African countries. These translators are experts in their industry, with relevant knowledge and experience.

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