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An area in Yoruba like Lagos city, which is the most remote urban area in the country, and equally the most populated city in the continent. That’s the Okun part of the state. Technical Feedback: whatsapp 08023469027 Unlike the states above, the place occupied by the Yoruba ethnic group is the Akoko Edo Area. With Nigeria being the most populated country in Africa, the probability of having some bit of corrupt tribes will be high. The popular Osun river, which is among the major rivers in Nigeria is revered by the inhabitants of this state. The elder statesman expressed optimism that a proper federation could be achieved through a referendum. Most especially, it erodes the trust we have in the public sector to act in our best interests. Moreso, a good number of prominent personalities, especially political office holders from Kogi (precisely Igala tribe) have been allege of some corruption charges. Yoruba still remains the major ethnic group in Kwara state. No wonder the state prides’ itself as the centre of excellence.

This is an ethnic group that occupies the south western part of the country. The major Yoruba states in the country are six in number and they are all located in the south-western geopolitical zone in Nigeria. It has 33 LGAs. The Yoruba make up about 21% of Nigeria’s population. The area is known to be occupied by innumerable people. Corruption may not be uniformly present in all areas of the country, but an area or state may be more corrupt than the other. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This gives a picture of the state of corruption in the nation, and how it can be brought to a halt. You have entered an incorrect email address! The states that houses the Igbo ethnic group in includes the following: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo and significant numbers found in the south-southern states. Below is an overview of each of the Yoruba speaking states found in Nigeria. He declared that the recent acceptance of the Yoruba-speaking tribes to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) would give a global voice to the age-long agitation for a better deal for Yoruba in the affairs of Nigeria.

The major Yoruba states in the country are six in number and they are all located in the south-western geopolitical zone in Nigeria. Top 5 Most Corrupt Tribes in Nigeria (2020), Top 10 Most Poisonous Snakes in The World + Pictures (2020), Top 10 Owners of Private Jets in Nigeria (2020), The Top 5 Most Corrupt Tribes in Nigeria (2020), Yellow Card in Nigeria: Cost & How To Obtain It (2020), List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Katsina State, Top 10 Best Financial Courses in Nigeria (2020), The Full Process of Impeaching the Nigerian President, How To Get A Job In Bahrain From Nigeria Easily (2020), Top 10 Information Blogs in Nigeria (2020), Contact Details of the United States of America Embassy in Nigeria, Nigerian Phone Numbers: Prefix For All Nigerian Networks (2020), Aliko Dangote’s Son: Heir to His Wealth & Fortune, Top 10 Richest Families in The World & Net Worth (2020), All Nigeria Newspapers Online: Full List & Websites, Current Prices of 10KVA Generator in Nigeria (October, 2020), Best Inverters in Nigeria: Features & Prices (October, 2020), How To Start a Real Estate Business in Nigeria (2020), Smile Nigeria: Approved Offices To Buy Smile 4G Mifi Devices (2020), Biomedical Engineers Salary in Nigeria: How Much They Earn (2020), Top 10 Best Hotels in Abuja (2020) & Prices, Current Prices of Cows in Nigeria (October, 2020), Top 5 Most Dirtiest Tribes in Nigeria (2020), Career Opportunities For Commercial Students in Nigeria (2020), Current Prices of Wallpapers in Nigeria (October, 2020), Best Brands of Tyres in Nigeria & Prices (October, 2020). You have entered an incorrect email address! It is located in North Central Nigeria and has 16 Local Government Areas. There is a part of Kogi state occupied by the Yoruba tribe. Igbo ethnic group is also a corrupt tribe and the succeeding tribe in terms of population. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. This city is termed as one of the world’s growing city. “It is also been recognised that the Yoruba have a strong and very clear tradition of religious tolerance in the world,” he stated. Deducing from this, Igala tribe which occupies major parts of the state is equally seen as one of the most corrupt tribes in the nation. It is home to one of the busiest and largest ports in Africa as well as the busiest international airport in Nigeria. The first Yoruba speaking state is Oyo and its slogan is the pace setter state. Their ancestor, Oduduwa, was the first Ooni of Ife and his descendants established most Yoruba ruling houses we hear of today. Mineral resources in Kwara includes gold, limestone, marble, feldspar, clay, kaolin, granite and quartz. Also, some notable public figures and politicians of the Igbo tribes has been indicted of corruption charges. It is located in southwestern Nigeria and home to the University of Ibadan, the first University in Nigeria. Islam is the major religion in this state. What then is corruption, and the ones that are prevalent in the country? This state is rated as one of the most corrupt states in Nigeria. In fact, the Yoruba-land spans the present day Nigeria, Togo and Benin. Speaking on the present political structure in Nigeria, Akintoye opined that over-centralisation of governance had suppressed over 56 million people in Yoruba speaking tribes.

History has it that Osun State is the birthplace of the Yoruba race and where the origin of Yoruba civilization began. Daniel is a contributor on Nigerian Infopedia who craves for writing, researching and also watching soccer. This article will give the full list of Yoruba states in Nigeria. Identification. The first skyscraper built in Africa is located here; it is known as the Cocoa House and built from cocoa earning. “With admission to UNPO, we now have an agency that can maximise our voice in what we desire,” he said. The former definition of education which is academically-based is, and has been, the strength, pride and assurance of the other tribes of the country; especially the Yoruba and the Igbo. Talking of mineral resources, Ekiti boast of having granite, kaolin, columbite,iron ore, limestone, gold, gemstone, aquamine, barite, phosphate, etc. Lagos state is home to Africa’s largest metropolitan city; Lagos. Some of the prominent ones that have been indicted of corruption include James Ibori, Patience Jonathan, Emmanuel Uduaghan, Lucky Igbinnedion, and Peter Odili. The state has 18 LGAs, it is dominated by the Yorubas and some patches of Ijaw. These includes Ijumu, Yagba West, Yagba East, Kabba/Bunu and Mopa – Moru. Taking inference from this and many other contributing factors, this ethnic group can be categorically attributed as the third most corrupt tribe in Nigeria.

The sunshine state is located in the south western geopolitical zone in Nigeria and it is an oil producing state. This is another Yoruba speaking state located in the south west and a home to the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University as well as the Osun-Osogbo Grove, a world heritage site. Major Tribes in Nigeria. This article will be more explicit on the top five most corrupt tribes in the country. In Kogi and Edo state respectively, a number of people that speaks the Yoruba language exist and their settlements are well known to all. The tribe is found mainly in Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta states, with some significant numbers in neighbouring Akwa-Ibom, Edo and Ondo states. Without much ado, let’s highlight the most corrupt tribes in the country. That’s the size of this write-up, as we have been more excessive on corruption in the country, by highlighting the most affected areas. Most Igbo states leads the list of the most populated states in southern Nigeria, as due to this and all other facts, the tribe is seen as the most corrupt in the country.

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