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Simon Kinberg told me they cast your Fruitvale co-star Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four because he was just the best guy who read for the part. List of Celebs with Gaps in their teeth- Gap Toothed Celebrities. When we’d have our director-sessions, all the directors would say, “You’re really animated and have a great personality.

That’s what I love about Red Band Society—we have Latin, Asian, black, gay, straight, and Indian cast members. With Zemeckis directing and Del Toro writing I was hoping it would lean into how dark the novel is, but the trailer … Let’s just be real. With Obama, the glass ceiling has been broken with what men can aspire to, and now we need to do the same for women and what women can aspire to. It’s wonderful that we’re making strides. Not quite as effective as Greta, but more so than The Intruder. He was Matthew McConaughey’s butt double. Oh my God, I haven’t seen it in years! I had been working behind-the-scenes since I was out of college. Universal Pictures First, we had Academy Award nominee Isabelle Huppert in the fantastic Greta. The only larger idea Ma is equipped to deal with is its treatment of different generational energies, with Taylor and screenwriter Scotty Landes trusting that the mere sight of a 47-year-old woman being drunk and sloppy on Snapchat will freak out the youths. Who cares if the lead is an Asian male? It is light-years ahead. And the bad decisions lead to all of the suspenseful and exciting events of the movie. How has life changed for you since then? Horror fans will have a blast with Ma. I love you, bye.

Tate, are you doing James Brown!? A lonely woman befriends a group of teenagers and decides to let them party at her house. Did you have to intern and PA on a lot of films before breaking through? Why were you so terrified to read for those other directors? That may not seem like a recipe for horror greatness, but considering that the best horror movies of the last two years, A Quiet Place and Get Out, have come from the minds of comedians, well, Ma makes sense. But I can tell you it’s not a paint-by-numbers biopic, and I’m excited about that. You need that representation. Christian Bale presents Octavia Spencer with the Oscar for Supporting Actress for The Help at the 84th Academy Awards. Gap Teeth Octavia Spencer Celebs Celebrities Sexy Fill People Icons Inspirational Paternal abuse is also treated like window dressing: a later plot twist directly evokes the true-life story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, but doesn't quite think everything through.

If I tell you, then I may have to kill you. And even if it is a film that could be led by a black actress, how many times is that film going to get funded? Sign me up. One evening, they approach a woman named Sue Ann (Spencer), who not only purchases their booze for them, but invites them back to her basement and allows them to use it for their party. But life is good. She’ll play Nurse Jackson, the overseer of a group of sick teenagers in a hospital’s pediatric ward—and is the outright lead. Most of the attempted jump scares fail, mainly because of the fact that they aren’t really set up at all. The ‘Get On Up’ actress on why TV is more diverse than film, and how life has changed since winning her Oscar for ‘The Help.’, It’s been just over two years since Octavia Spencer, in a shimmering Tadashi Shoji gown that took a team of ten 1,000 hours to produce, glided up to the stage at the Hollywood and Highland Center to accept her Best Supporting Actress Oscar. And it’s got a wonderfully chilling performance from Octavia Spencer, who hams it up just as well (if not better) than Huppert and Quaid did in their respective horror roles from earlier this year. Producers: Jason Blum, John Norris, Tate Taylor, Cast: Octavia Spencer (Sue Ann/Ma), Diana Silvers (Maggie), Juliette Lewis (Erica), McKaley Miller (Haley), Corey Fogelmanis (Andy), Gianni Paolo (Chaz), Dante Brown (Darrell), Tanyell Waivers (Genie), Luke Evans (Ben), Missi Pyle (Mercedes), Allison Janney (Doctor Brooks), Casting Directors: Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee. In order for you to be known worldwide if you’re not getting the introduction through films, you need to be in television.” I don’t have a problem with the medium—film or television—because I’m an actor. hide caption. That scene where Sandra Bullock gives Matthew the shot in his butt? Sort: Relevant Newest # drama # emma stone # viola davis # inequality # octavia spencer ... # ma # octavia spencer # universal pictures # ma movie # sucking teeth Do you feel they did an ample job of portraying his troubled later years—in particular, the violence towards women? Exactly. There will be some people who think, “I wish they touched on it more,” and some people where it will suffice.

Octavia Spencer stars as the vengeful Sue Ann in "Ma," directed by Tate Taylor. So I thought, “Well, hello! But, as Ma’s basement becomes the hot party pad for the entire high school, the kids figure out that their new adult friend has ulterior motives for letting them drink at her place. That’s Tate Taylor’s butt—that big, gorgeous thigh with a lil’ butt cheek on top. Copyright © 2008 - 2030 FilmFracture - All Rights Reserved. It seems as if all of the Hollywood elite want to get their faces into horror movies. We met on A Time to Kill. To me, that’s what it should be. There isn’t a song of his that I don’t like. Do you have any favorite James Brown tunes? It's exactly the antidote to growing up that they all crave, and it comes courtesy of an actual adult. But give them credit for allowing "Ma" to publicly lust after the 17-year-old lads. After all, Spencer's famous persona is the stoic, put-upon matriarch, usually one in a position of service to others, and she's carried her weary frown and warm, easy hugs to awards glory in The Help, Fruitvale Station, Hidden Figures,and The Shape of Water... and for a while entered Typecast Valley with The Shack, Gifted, and on and on. But the film wasn't built to address racial themes (Spencer has said the part was written for a white woman), and instead makes its psycho a former unpopular kid out for revenge. Snowpiercer (Korean: 설국열차; Hanja: 雪國列車; RR: Seolgungnyeolcha) is a 2013 science fiction action film based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette.

Look at what Shonda Rhimes is doing, what Orange Is the New Black is doing. It doesn’t happen to the Rachel Weiszs of the world, but to the Mo’Niques and Jennifer Hudsons and Octavia Spencers. Watch the Official Trailer from English movie 'The Witches' starring Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Chris Rock, Charles Edwards and Eugenia Caruso. She's still abnormally welcoming, and she still doles out hugs, but now there's something sinister behind the generosity, a glassy-eyed stare crying out for a different kind of attention. I’m barely 44, but that’s still the pasture, I guess. Filed Under: Crime, Drama, Entertainment, Horror, Movie Review, Movies, Thriller, Uncategorized Tagged With: Diana Silvers, Juliette Lewis, octavia spencer, Scotty Landes, Tate Taylor. You should read for us!” But I was terrified. Search, discover and share your favorite Octavia Spencer GIFs. So did Winter Soldier. Ma is a psychopath, and her relentless stalking and smothering of the kids is terrifying. Octavia Spencer stars as the vengeful Sue Ann in "Ma," directed by Tate Taylor. I was hoping for a warts-and-all portrayal of James Brown, and they do show scenes of him rolling up an Angel Dust joint and hitting his wives. The other stuff is all out there, and if they were going to re-create that, they wouldn’t have needed to make a movie.

I interned on the Whoopi Goldberg movie The Long Walk Home, and went around the South working as a casting associate. We go way back. There are so few roles out there. Then we got Golden Globe nominee Dennis Quaid in the iffy The Intruder. This site contains affiliate links to products. Ma seems like the kind of movie that Octavia Spencer and Tate Taylor have been wanting to make ever since The Help.

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