omniscient in a sentence

omniscient god would create such a destructive scenario? The word "omniscient" comes from two Latin words omnis signifying all, and scientia signifying knowledge. Examples of omniscient in a sentence: 1. The most richly stored intellect which had ever spent itself in acquiring knowledge was in the presence of the Omniscient" (Pattison) . , If you were really omniscient, you wouldn’t have forgotten my birthday, and you would have brought me a sapphire necklace. It appeared to be omniscient and omnipotent, and yet was neither seen nor heard. 54 42 And then there's you, their omniscient, omnipotent deity. He did not need to let him be tortured just to prove a point to Satan who is not omniscient. And how much can we believe our omniscient narrator? All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Nevertheless he was not omnipotent or omniscient either, If the centre were omniscient none of this would matter, This book however seems firmly aimed at that, He's nervous when trying to potray himself as, The God is finite and can not be omniscient omnipotent, I do not pretend to be omniscient but am positive about this fact, God is typically described by Western religions as, That was shocking; for him the novelist's duty was to remain invisible inaudible discreetly, It brings the latest news day and night and seems, Therefore[sentencedictcom] we should not expect the centre to be, What the opportunist had neglected to consider in his scheme was the omniscient omnipotent omnivorous Presence, The man reassuring him is or has the authority of the, Being pictured as super-humans they could not be omnipresent or, In her short story "June Recital" Welty abandons the traditional, One may fool the world and one's neighbors but one can never escape from the knowledge of the, The narrative approach in her novels includes a unique perspective of children?s narrative, Will not have also to mean tomorrow regarding future, Then the mind stuff reflecting both the knower and the knowable becomes, Too many assume that people behave like the mythical homo economics who is hyperrational and, Deconstruction theory and the decline of the. 3. 2. Being a creature he is not omnipotent, nor is he omniscient or omnipresent. 6. Immortal doesn't mean omniscient or anything. antonyms.

, She claims to have psychic abilities, but she never said she was omniscient. , He thinks he knows what is best for everybody, but as far I know he is not omniscient.

Melanie felt that it was important to know what every character was thinking, so she wrote her novel from an omniscient point of view.

He thinks he knows what is best for everybody, but as far I … Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The omniscient list of example sentences with omniscient. 2. Nevertheless he was not omnipotent or omniscient, either.

How to use omniscient in a sentence. , Unless you are omniscient, you can’t possibly predict what type of technology we’ll be relying on in twenty years. 37 sentence examples: 1. When we say that God is, Even though the voice is still clearly written overall in the dry and neutral language of the rest of the story, the use of the adverb is clearly not the narrator’s thoughts, but rather the character’s feeling superimposing itself over the narrator’s words, which violates one of the strictures of writing in Third Person.
, Orwell’s disturbing novel, 1984, featured an omniscient government known as Big Brother who kept an eye on all the citizens of a dysfunctional country. It's difficult to see omniscient in a sentence. If you can, quote someone who is considered unimpeachable, if not omniscient, by your opponents. 19: Means that there is no tomorrow for the future of the omniscient. 7.

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