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Monday, August 23rd Cross-country race, Individual: GOLD MEDAL, Team competition: GOLD MEDAL. The course is eight kilometres and relatively flat. For eight years (1923–31) he held the world record for the mile run: 4 … In the final stretch they even wait for the third Finn, Sameli Tala. However, a week before the games the international athletics associaton, the IAAF, decided to pronounce Nurmi a professional because he had received an all too high amount of money to cover his expenses during a tour in Germany. Saturday August 4th 3000 metres Steeplechase Final: SILVER MEDAL. We reserve the right to block any user who violates our. “The team leaders, worried that I would be taxing myself, told me to forget about the 10,000, though I still think I would have been fit enough to win that race as well.”. At the half-way stage, the three runners were more than 100m ahead of the chasing pack. Macauley Smith of the USA is allowed to win the race, with Edvin Wide finishing second. Training became his life. From every nation six men enter the race: the placings of the best three are added together to make the team score. The same can be said about his fight against fellow countryman Ville Ritola on the 5000 m. In total Paavo Nurmi took 5 gold medals at the games in Paris. Nurmi’s pace causes no problems for the rest of the field, however, and at half-way point Ritola takes the lead and picks up speed with a painful grin. Paavo Nurmi set an Olympic record in the 1,500-meter race at the 1924 Paris Games and then set an Olympic record in the 5,000 less than an hour later ... Nurmi won three gold medals … The latter is already worn out, however, and Nurmi sees the error of his strategy just in time. The defeat in the 5000 metres still burning in his mind, Paavo Nurmi has a new game plan. Guillemot still refuses to yield, however, and Nurmi begins to lose heart., Copyright Paavo Nurmi Turku Oy | Copyrights pictures & texts The Sports Museum of Finland | All Rights Reserved. + 358 500 627 973 At half-way mark Nurmi takes the lead and is followed by Ritola. Backman enters the Stadium ahead, but 200 metres before the goal line Nurmi finishes him off with an easy sprint. When the audience starts to whistle at his lazy performance, Nurmi picks up pace, takes the lead and wins the heat. His victories with 55 minutes interval in the 1500 m and the 5000 m events belong to the top performances in Olympic history. Of 38 entrants only 15 make it to the finish, and of these, eight are carried away on stretchers. After three laps Nurmi overtakes Speroni to take the lead and build more speed. He went on to make a fortune in property, and had the honour of being the final torchbearer and lighter of the Olympic cauldron at the Helsinki Games in 1952. If long distance running was in need of a role model, one would have to look no further than Paavo Nurmi.

Four years earlier, in the same distance, Nurmi had beaten his compatriot Ritola by 0.2 seconds in a photo finish. Only Ray Watson of the United States tries to keep up with Nurmi but he too gives up before the last lap. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. “On his way to the top, a runner must have ambition together with iron will,” Nurmi said.

The fight for points between nations is still going on, however, and with two sets of medals to be won, the Finnish team is under orders to take no prisoners. Britain takes the silver with 14 points and the bronze goes to the Americans with 25. Paavo Nurmi and Ville Ritola start with no great expectations: both are worn by their injuries and the gruelling 5000-meter-race of the previous day.

Copyright © 2020 . The "Flying Finn", as he also became known after the man who was first afforded the title, Hannes Kolehmainen, can also be credited with having recognised the benefits of diet and sports psychology. ANTWERP 1920. He would have to wait until 1952 before being welcomed back into the Olympic fold, when he was the last runner to light the Olympic flame.

Three kilometres to go Guillemot pulls aside having apparently injured his leg. The first time Nurmi's unusual talent appeared was in 1919 when Nurmi served in the Finnish army. Paavo Nurmi, in full Paavo Johannes Nurmi, (born June 13, 1897, Turku, Finland—died October 2, 1973, Helsinki), Finnish track athlete who dominated long-distance running in the 1920s, capturing nine gold medals in three Olympic Games (1920, 1924, 1928), as well as three silvers. Nurmi takes the lead after 200 metres and builds up a blistering speed. Behind Nurmi, Kohn of Germany takes a fierce final sprint and finishes within three metres of the champion.

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