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Along with Zamora's book {of whom he is highly critical} and John Baer's wife's book, it is gold dust for seeing the jury's perspective. It belonged to them. It's a matter of public record, I've seen the court documents but I don't remember where, I think those were the same charges Dean and Tex borrowed Melchers car to drive to court for.

And that’s what keeps it fascinating, even where it gets densely caught in stories that will ultimately go nowhere (like the tale of the secretive Reeve Whitson). said...I think it's fair to say that a career criminal with high recidivism like Manson would have had stringent parole conditionsNot if you take into account 2 things ¬> a] the things Manson had actually gone to jail for in the 50s and b] It was the authorities that paroled him. I’ll bet Sanders is correct. That is assuming I outlive him. One or two of them would have had to act like they do on tv, where somebody sees one thing which leads to another and then wants to make all of the connections. I've never heard of this Reeve guy in my life, and I've been studying this case for years. She'd nod and say she knew, but that Gibby and Voityck thought it was very funny.

Maybe some day more information will be released to tie the CIA with the Mason family and Spahn Ranch.

In the Sanders book that I have it says Hearst delivered the bike between 6.30 and 7.30 which, according to Hearst is accurate as he testified arriving "about 7.00pm" and left "about 7.20.

Save to an Ancestry Tree, a virtual cemetery, your clipboard for pasting or Print. GREAT NEWS! He began the process around the start of Oct '69, a couple of weeks before Manson was arrested at Barker Ranch {for something unrelated}.

The Manson story is the sort of bottomless rabbit hole that you can easily find yourself falling down, and that’s exactly what happened to author Tom O’Neill, who took an assignment from Premiere magazine in 1999 to write an article for the thirtieth anniversary of the case, and found himself caught up in a twenty year investigation instead.

It's much more factual than Helter Skelter.

Celebrity, weird cults, rock music and the Sixties counterculture collide in this creepy-crawly case, and thanks to the efforts of prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, everyone knows the story of how cult guru Charles Manson was inspired by the Beatles’ White Album to try to kickstart ‘Helter Skelter’, a race war that would see him become ruler of the world, by committing a series of murders and trying to pass them blame onto black militants. LOL. The FBI was looking for serious threats, not maybe's or could be's.The 'counter-culture' was really insignificant compared to the war, poverty, the commies and the economy. What can anyone remember about a place they went yesterday, and I mean detail specific ? He got a call from Reeve Whitson at 7:00 in the morning, a full NINETY minutes before Winifred Chapman arrived at the Cielo houseAnd he didn't report this to the Police ? Mario George Nitrini 111 said...Please check-out the comments from this blog-post "leave-something-witchy" pertaining to comments by myself, Bobby, & Ms Katie regarding "The Construction Site"I did read that at the time. As everyone involved slowly dies off (many of those interviewed in this book died before it was published) and the distance between true memory and false recollection, fact and self-delusion becomes ever more blurred, the only chance of even getting close to the actual truth of the Manson case will be if the Los Angeles authorities give up the files and the tape recordings that they are guarding jealously. It seems crazy to think that the CIA would be involved but...In Canada in the late 80/90's CSIS placed agent Grant Bristow in with the local white power groups. Most employees aren’t operational, they are analysts.

According to Bobby Jameson on his blog, he and his friend Harvey Dareff were at or near the Tate house the night before the murders. 36 Golf Links Road, Newcastle Co Down. That's not in any doubt.

Shahrokh Hatami of course hahahahahahaha.

I actually have been checking in most days since May. He told and then showed where a lot of missing women were. Detectives work off this kind of information and make deductions. Grim said Another, more serious, error in HS, p. 49, is that it gives the license plate of Parent's car as ZLR 694. Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters.

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Charles Manson and the Killing of Shorty Shea, Charles Manson Behind Bars: The Crazy Antics and Amazing Revelations Of America's Icon of Evil, Charles Manson: The Man Who Killed the 60s, Charles Manson. I’m sure that the agency did some collecting on the counter culture and as already mentioned, likely with violent activists to see if there were any ties to the KGB- how were they being funded/resourced/etc. ..

"Roger Smith": "danger, Charlie manson, danger!" My opinion was Charles Manson was not very good at all.So, does my Twitter inter-action with George Christie mean nothing to you? There is clear evidence that Folger had a word with many of the early suspects, such as Billy Doyle, PRIOR to the Police sat down with them. That's all. Then each wing of the military has their own intelligence group but I don't think they are part of this conspiracy.Each enforcement/intelligence agency has their own turf to defend but sometimes there is cross-over. Also, I don't remember the adults at the time giving it all much notice.But as General Jack D. Ripper might have said, the FBI needed to be forever both vigilant and observant over communist influences that may attempt to threaten the very essence of our precious bodily fluids !!! I'm not getting that from Helter Skelter, I'm getting that from Candace Bergen's auto-bio.

"I was only 19 at the time. I hardly think she was looking at furnishings in the house when Tex "sic'd her" on the residents. Do you have a link? Speaking of Dean Moorehouse at Cielo Drive, I thought the following quotes in Tom O'Neill's article "The Holes in Helter Skelter" show that he was indeed at the house but during the summer of 1968.Tom O'Neill writes:But when had Moorehouse taken up residence in the Cielo Home? He gave him a piano. document.write(''); "DEA was formed in 1973 -- responded: [MM said: "Col. Tate was Naval Intelligence."] Terry Melcher, the record producer son of Doris Day who had recorded Manson’s music, had until recently lived there.

var part1 = "austinann"; This cannot be correct. Murder Cases of the Twentieth Century - Biographies and Bibliographies of 280 Convicted or Accused Killers, Manson Speaks: Inside the Mind of a Madman, MANSON The Live and Times of Charles Manson, Sharon Tate-The Biography Sharon Tate Book 2011, The Manson File- Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, Vanity Fair April 2011 interview w/Charlie in Spanish. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a reset password code. Please try again later. I did not mean the 'scene' of the crime, rather the general milieu around crime scene before and afterI wondered about that but it works either way. Along with providing protection, their other purpose was to look for suspects.". I wouldn't base any findings on what she says. All be told I love a conspiracy book.

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