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I was mentally keyed in. Sarr averaged 13.7 points and 9.0 rebounds per game last season at Wake Forest, while Toppin scored 5.1 points per game as a freshman at Rhode Island. Everyone knew it. But part of my recovery and mental health journey is all about realizing what I can control. Just having a marathon on the horizon is a big deal for me. Now, all of a sudden, we’re leading.

For this -- my first marathon -- I had to keep my emotions in check. I have a therapist. Normally, I live with my sister, Isabel, in Boston. And right now, I can’t control that the Olympics were postponed. Since I’m new to marathons, I’m looking at this postponement year as a big opportunity. I looked around, and I was still with the front group.

Then I got to Mile 16. When I crossed the finish line in Atlanta this year, my full, messy story was out there. And I did it. I can handle this on my own.” I would have cut myself off from people, and my life would have been full of self-destructive behavior. Those few months between going public with my story, qualifying for the Olympics and then the COVID-19 shutdown were a lot. It was scary. The comeback, of learning to run — or simply live — with a new body and a new approach to eating, is the hardest part. You can’t meet up in these groups and that’s what makes part of running here very special.”. But when she went back to our hometown in Wisconsin in the early summer, I was alone in the apartment. And it will bring me one step closer to the Olympics. Once I did the podcast, a weight was lifted. It was so obvious that people would write on track and field message boards that I looked sick. There were many times while in treatment, and in the time since, that I thought my running career might be over. They knew I thought I had to be super lean and super fit all the time, never even allowing myself to eat a bowl of mac and cheese or go out to eat with friends without worrying about what I would order. But as my mental health deteriorated, my physical health went with it. You’re just thinking about it all the time and worrying about it. To make the Olympics is the greatest dream of any runner. Mile 19 hits. This was the first time I went public with my story about receiving treatment for disordered eating in 2016 and my struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety. I am teaching my body to consume the volume of calories needed to amplify my running. Molly Seidel: First off, the timing is very different. As with nearly all athletes, the coronavirus crisis has altered Seidel’s racing plans for the spring. Instead of competing in Tokyo this August, I traveled to Flagstaff, Arizona, for altitude training. This postponement allows me the time to gain more experience, train for an extra year, nail down my nutrition and run another marathon. I will never overcome my eating disorder. On January 19, in Houston, Seidel ran 1:09:35 for the half, a personal best, finishing one second behind Molly Huddle and within a minute of Sara Hall. I still struggle: I relapse and I actively deal with the ups and downs that come with chronic OCD, depression and anxiety. Seidel is fortunate to still have income as a professional runner for the shoe company Saucony, especially as she waits another year to make her Olympic debut, following the official postponement of the Games to 2021. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, echoed his sentiments in her own Instagram post. So instead of competing in the Olympic trials in the summer of 2016 and signing a pro contract, I entered into a treatment program for my eating disorder. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Less than a month ago, Molly Seidel became known as the barista who qualified for the Olympics in her first-ever marathon at the U.S. Olympic marathon trials. About two months before the Olympic trials, I wanted everyone to know the real Molly. And after the trials, the narrative buzzing around me was, “Molly Seidel’s second marathon will be the Tokyo Olympics.” Honestly, I didn’t want my second race to be the Olympics. I needed help, and thanks to friends and family, I was able to see finally how deep I’d gone. I would not be the person I am without my struggles. Shortly after Tuliamuk crossed the finish line in first place, I followed in second. They knew I struggled to eat anything I deemed unhealthy. There were many times while in treatment, and in the time since, that I thought my running career might be over. IN THE PAST, I’ve struggled with positive self-talk and being able to manage this feeling of going hard but conserving energy and staying strong. I needed help, and thanks to friends and family, I was able to see finally how deep I'd gone. 1 hour ago . Olympic marathoner Molly Seidel found a way to run again.

Guide to every Week 4 NFL game: Picks, matchup nuggets, more. It might not be the greatest race of my life, but it will be a learning experience. Revealing all of this is a double-edged sword. "OK, you have to go harder than you've ever gone, and if you do that, you're going to make this team," I remember telling myself. What follows is the story of her journey of recovery from anxiety, depression and disordered eating told in her words. And with my coach, Jon Green, who is also one of my best friends, I can really talk openly with him. Subscribe to SI Fantasy+ and more. According to my running résumé, I had it all, but inside I was struggling with OCD, crippling anxiety and bulimia. I can be open about this stuff. I didn't have the mental techniques to get myself out of those dark moments. Today, I would not be the runner I am without my struggles. I realized I needed my support system.

And that’s when I started to struggle. I am also learning that it's OK to eat all the time -- because I have to for fuel -- and it's OK to have a doughnut or cookie or a bowl of mac and cheese. I went on my close friend Julia Hanlon's podcast called "Running On Om," and I decided to get real -- like really, really real. I know there will be a lot of good times and bad times over this next year. Molly Seidel ran her first marathon in February at the U.S. Olympic trials in Atlanta — finishing second and qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I changed up my training from low mileage and high intensity for 10Ks to long distances for marathons in early 2019 to help get me healthier physically and mentally. Running more than 125 miles a week with workouts in between during this condensed London Marathon build, I struggle with eating enough throughout the training process. About eight weeks before the London Marathon in October, I learned I would be one of the elite racers competing overseas. I was sidelined by a string of injuries caused by my disordered eating. But I know I have people around who are willing to help me.

Discussions of what that test would consist of are expected to take place soon. You're just thinking about it all the time and worrying about it. Normally, I live with my sister, Isabel, in Boston. I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself or psych myself out, but once I hit those last 7 miles, it started to really sink in. The games have been postponed, but Seidel, 26, continues to train and will compete in her second marathon Oct. 4 with an elite group of … I became Notre Dame’s first individual national champion in women’s track and field during my junior year, then won three more individual national championships in less than a year. And I did. The hardest part of marathon training right now is consuming enough calories. SHORTLY AFTER THE postponement of the Tokyo Olympics in March, I started to nosedive. But I felt ready. It’s been a pretty singular focus in my life.

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