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There is no one right way to use Substance Designer nor is there only one way to come to the same end result.

What I try and do is give you a good understanding of how to unlock the door, but the most powerful tool is your ability to use the tools before you achieve your desired end result.

Find information about Substance Painter, Substance Alchemist, Substance Designer and Substance Integrations.

Substance Designer can be an elusive beast when you first approach it so it can take some dedicated time to understand the depth that it operates in, and the more you peel back the onion layer...the deeper it goes!

Official documentation for the Substance products. I try and show you the basics first, how to place mud on the canvas and move things around a bit.

In-depth starter video that expains the basics of the UI and helps you understand what happens where in the program. In-depth article that illustrates the entire process of taking photos and processing them using Designer. Then I explain how your workflow can have conceptual structure as you set the stage, then once all the actors are near their mark...the real performance starts! I'll walk you through step-by-step on how to create a material and show you how to export it to Substance Painter.

This is less-extensive and shorter overal than other tutorials, and it won't guide you in making a full project. Home; Substance Designer; Offline Documentation.

Serves as a good example usecase of how to use Substance Designer to automate certain tasks. Daz Productions, Inc 224 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. Creating a Custom Brick Material - Substance Designer Tutorial [1hr 28min] Project Files Included Learn how to create bricks from scratch in this beginner Substance Designer Tutorial! Press .

This product includes: 8 General Installers; You may also be interested in the following product(s) Daz 3D.

Serves as a video version of Interface documentation section. Every step of the process is covered and explained, so you will learn a lot upon completion, but can be intensive for absolute beginners.

Substance Designer UI Basics.

Each of these are processes or tricks he find himself doing quite often while working on his materials inside Substance Designer.

The downloadable PDF version of the documentation. In this tutorial, Mark Foreman, Senior Environment Artist at CD PROJEKT RED, covers a few deep dives into small parts of process from some of his Substance materials in his medieval World Substance Source Signature release. Substance Designer. Sometimes that path will be straight and linear and sometimes it will be meandering...but it will always be fulfilling!

Intro to Substance Designer for Beginners.part1.rar, Intro to Substance Designer for Beginners.part2.rar, Gumroad – 3dEx – Tutorial Collection – 05, Levelup Digital – Creating an Aged Wood Texture in Substance Designer, ArtStation – Substance Designer – 10 Most Useful Nodes with Javier Perez, Lynda – Substance Designer for Architectural Visualization, Photo Editing – Theory of photo editing (PDF), The Cottage Journal – Christmas 2020 (PDF), Gumroad – Complete Brush Pack for Procreate by Laura H. Rubin, ArtStation Marketplace – Leather & Fabric Tension Folds.

Substance by Adobe is a complete suite with everything artists need to create 3D digital materials.

Contact Us. As with anything some of us will be able to grab a hold of a great deal, then there will be some of us that struggle and feel as if we are grasping at air. The documentation is mainly meant to be a thorough, technical reference.If you prefer to dive in with videos and other more focused learning material, these tutorials are good for getting started: In-depth starter video that expains the basics of the UI and helps you understand what happens where in the program. I felt that way when I first tried to learn the depths of Substance Designer and how I could start to use it, as with any app some of us will use it one way and some will use it a completely different way...and either way is fine.

Tutorials - Free Concrete Substance Designer Tutorial, USD $0.00.

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Substance Designer Tutorial - The Basics (.MP4) Intro; Linear Workflow; User Interface; Blending Modes; Working Example; Shapes; Cracks; Roughness; Notes. This course is designed for anyone new to Substance Designer.

Serves as a video version of Interface documentation section.

Originally developed for the game and film industries, where it is the reference solution for 3D texturing, Substance is now expanding its presence to industries such as apparel and footwear, retail, transportation design, product design, and architecture.

Learn everything about the 3D texturing software tools Substance Painter, Designer and B2M, with free video tutorials, courses and documentation. This series of videos go over some basics and then jump right into creating and moving stuff around, I basically thought of what I would have wanted to learn when I first opened Designer many years ago. Large starter video series that takes you through the entire process of creating an extensive, fully procedural material. – This assumes a good working knowledge of Substance Designer and is more of an overview, I … Daz Productions, Inc224 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, Substance Designer Tutorial - The Basics (.MP4). Blog. HELP. This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript.Please enable JavaScript and reload the page.

May 27, 2020 - Allegorithmic Substance Designer Tutorials and Tips from around the web. This is less-extensive and shorter overal than other tutorials, and it won't guide you in making a full project. It's however good to get started if you feel other tutorials are too fast for you. Hi Everyone!

Even after knowing this program as I do it is still no easy task trying to teach someone else, there are so many aspects to its use-age that it becomes difficult for any one individual to grasp "all of it at." Tutorials. Help Center.

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