the 14 things i learned dating a nigerian man

They want a man who was born in a culture where being monogamous is the norm. LOL. Or better still maybe the shelling guy’s head don catch you . U do not have to have so much to be eligible to them because they really do not require much so to be eligible to them, u just need to provide the basic things in life. Read Also: Traditional Marriage Rites In Edo State, Nigeria. Well written, witty piece love the comparisons made with housemaids.

, No man is going to come pick a woman up in his white horse and take her into his mansion to live happily ever after …….. kudos to author and interesting perspective. If you tell them that you’re not ready & they go, gal u might find it difficult to find someone eligible again o. The commenters notes were well documented and intelligently written unlike yours.

May those seeking marriage find a good partner, and may those for whom it is not the top priority of their existence find that which they seek.
I noticed almost every comment that said something about a guy shelling also had one or two ‘ibons’ in them. I have met so many people who rushed into marriage because of pressure from others but are miserable in their marriages. It’s not whether a wedding occurs that matters, it’s who you are after the ‘I do’ that is the most important thing….my opinion. Give us a break! At least outside Nigeria, we single ladies are left in peace.

While that story may be untrue, the comments following the story shows the pathetic state and mindset of a typical Nigerian marriage. I got here 2 years after you.:-D.

:-), Nice piece!

You guys should stop this attack on writers shelling too….There’s a huge difference between not having the time to severely proofread a post to bellanaija web page and not ‘knowing how to employ correct grammar & lexicon’. Best relationship I ever had was with the maid.

he has never used the past tense ever since we got hooked up!!! His Diction was poor, his English worse, .

Well,it seems your standards are average.Goodluck. How many boxers will you wash before you enter your husband’s house?? These traditional dishes include; ewedu, amala, afang, eba, jollof rice, etc.

No human being deserves to be pressurized into getting married cos of age and other societal norms and beliefs Maybe I need to change my ways. Keep in mind there’s always going to be pressure from the society, including families and friends, but stick to your decision and know your worth. women when giving a little chance can be controlling…..this is what men are afraid of…..talking much about ur education, the car u may want to drive, who u have met scares men away…. wats your blog..? Temi, I love your comment, u really nailed it. Marriage is important dont get me wrong, but a single woman is not a disease that needs to be rid of.

You see a lot of Men can respect and even admire a woman’s worldly achievements and it is good that in this day and age she has them. As for me i’m in N.America and it’s really hard to find the right lady over here- i have my “list” as well.. prefer someone with similar values and background… Have even tried the long distance thing with people in Naija and it almost worked Been “hooked up” by cousins and friends too but didn’t quite hit it with me – so now I try to keep an open mind and pray that “Miss Right” is still single and waiting…, I hope so for you.

In the US, women do the opposite and that’s why they are single, they completely lack sex appeal…Nigerian women and Black American are on both ends of the spectrum. Took a while to read all the comment. If she wants to, it should be because she wants to help and not out of obligation. Don’t see how from reading Temi’s comment you have now managed to peg her as “almost perfect”. the truth is only someone below you, can submit to you. Overlooking ‘ibons’ is very very difficult and almost impossible. I know you are male, and men are ego based, but it would have been nice to read about the inner qualities of the maid that made her a desirable partner outside of serving your physical needs.

. Men don’t care about standards and they get offended when they meet women who do. Instead of focusing on his diction, why focus on how he treats you? My worth was determine before my conception, I was found worthy, formed and shaped in love and given an eternal place among All that is. Be prayerful, be watchful, be careful. Humble? and many other standards that just forces women to pretend like they are less than what they are…..and many do hav to do it :(……, and is there a problem with being single?

“Back in 08/09, I met a guy who really liked me but all I could hear were his grammatical errors. Instigationism And Conflict Entrepreneurship, Tribute to a Living Legend: Chief Dr. Orlando Owoh, Want Blacks Out of Europe and America? I was just like wow…

Population size reduces as you go up, so… The cleaner, she’s got the driver, the guard, u name it. When I was in Nigeria earlier this year, I met a young lady who out of 7 sisters (all in their late 20s and 30s) only 1 was married. Sorry guys I just realised how long that comment is after sending… *runs away*.

It’s from a dude named Ruby Juno.

This Nich is more old fashioned than my great great grand father.

Discovered this site about 2months ago. Its an opinion piece. I also agree with what some have said about Compatibility .

The “house maids”? I do hope that you all realise that being single is a blessing just as being married.

Just the other day, the cleaner in my office told me she was getting married to husband 2 because husband 1 was too demanding (not sure what she meant by that). This is scary.

Hell no!

3. have u visited him and gone straight to the kitchen and wash his dishes….

James, Abeg no kill me with laughter here.. Awwwww how sweet, please look for the maid and marry her. James and the fools like him when you have your daughters, make sure you don’t educate them that way they will find an educated man looking for a mumu wife. Its either don’t talk too much you intimidate him, don’t wear that dress its too short he’ll think you are a prossie, don’t work too hard he doesnt want a workaholic. LMFAO @ blue contact and brazillian hair aint gonna cut it, who is talking about dress here? We all need to set and stick to standards-just make sure they are reasonable so that one day you don’t narrow it down to ‘just let him be breathing’.

Long story short, if you want someone who gets you, you have to get them too. So to win his heart, be decent. Don’t be arrogant, rude or ridiculously touchy.

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