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���� JFIF �� C ! To find out more about cookies or to manage the usage of cookies, please read our privacy policy: University of Innsbruck It is structured in a complex form intended to mimic the complexity of the life of the main character, Anna.
This turning point in her life has been brought about by the painful but very intense affair with Saul Green.

What is the theme of The Golden Notebook? Anna refuses to accept the roles traditionally imposed on women by society.

In the blue notebook, Michael ends his affair with Anna, and she decides to “write down, as truthfully as I can, every stage of a day. Although complex, the form is actually an attempt by Anna to simplify and compartmentalize what she sees as disorder and chaos in her world. endobj The novel alternates between describing Anna's life experiences and revealing the content of the different notebooks. The Golden Notebook tells the story of Anna Wulf and her four notebooks of different colors that narrate aspects of her life.

The black notebook ends with a single entry: Anna has a dream about a film being made at the Mashopi Hotel, which makes her realize that all her memories of Africa were “probably untrue.” The red notebook ends with a story about a teacher dedicated to communism who visits the Soviet Union and realizes his recommendations will not be taken seriously. In the yellow notebook, Ella’s story continues: hopelessly fixated on Paul more than a year after they split, Ella meets an attractive but unrefined American leucotomy doctor. The Golden Notebooks speaks about war, Stalin, communism, feminism, and sexuality.

/Height 500 He also wants advice about his current wife, Marion, who has become an alcoholic due to his numerous affairs. As the following part will prove The Golden Notebook shows features of a political novel as well as characteristics of a novel of ideas and has, besides this, various autobiographic traces. By embedding Anna Wulf's psyche in the social and political movements of her time, Lessing suggests that the individual is inevitably shaped by history. The Golden Notebook is a 1962 novel by Doris Lessing.It, like the two books that followed it, enters the realm of what Margaret Drabble in The Oxford Companion to English Literature called Lessing's "inner space fiction"; her work that explores mental and societal breakdown. But trials and atrocities in the Soviet Union and other communist countries or revelations about Stalin’s crimes made them develop a feeling of doubt and disappointment towards Communism which was why they broke with communism.

Besides this The Golden Notebook is about feminism. The notebook of the title is a fifth, gold-colored notebook in which Anna's sanity is questioned as she weaves together the other four notebooks.

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