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A confrontation with a giant clock monster causes Egon to become younger and younger. Haunting! The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. The Chairman of Citizens United Against Halloween, a man named Crowley, wishes to hire the Ghostbusters to assist him in his crusade. The Mean Green Teen Machine, three reptilian-like surfing ghosts, catch a wave into New York City in order to satisfy their unquenchable craving for pizza. The Ghostbusters are plagued at the firehouse by a metamorph dubbed Copycat. The mysterious disappearance of all of the ghosts in a haunted Transylvanian town is threatening their tourism and economy. In the small town of Tombstone, Arizona, the spirits of Doc Holiday and the Earps materialize, intent on recreating the gunfight at the O.K. However the ghost merges with the steel which is cut and distributed throughout the city…. The Ghostbusters are called to a small, New England village to exorcise a recently escaped ancient witch, Kestrel. The others have to journey to the Netherworld to save him before time's up. When the mysterious Doctor McCatheter gives Louis Tully free samples of supernaturally tainted health chips, the Ghostbusters snack their way into a debilitating allergy to ghosts and ghost-fighting equipment! Egon is set to have a battle of intelligence against a powerful demon, but unfortunately he and Slimer accidentally exchange minds. When Janine, Ray and Slimer go to check out the new amusement park, Ghostworld, they are kidnapped by a demonic gatekeeper and possessed by his evil ghost companions. Slimer accidentally breaks one of the Ghost Traps, and rather than confess his mistake, allows the Ghostbusters to take the trap on a job… with scary results! After a near-death experience atop the World Trade Center towers, Egon's fear inadvertently releases the Boogieman from his dimensional prison. When three ancient stones are reunited at a museum, dinosaurs spring back to terrifying life, and a powerful demon begins to make his presence felt. A witch's lost black cat is found by Slimer and use its powers to grant all of Slimer's fondest wishes, resulting in chaos at the firehouse.

In the midst of their packing, Peter inadvertently short-circuits a Ghost Trap and catapults them all back to the year 1959!

When lightning hits the Ghostbusters' television antenna, Ray and Slimer's favorite animated character, Sammy K. Ferret, comes to life! The ghosts help him in exchange for doing a film of their own… a movie that will feature the destruction of the Ghostbusters! Slimer has been pestering they guys too much and they finally snap at him. Ray stands to inherit an old castle in Scotland on the condition that he exorcises the ghost that has plagued it for many years. Three ghosts enter the firehouse intent on releasing their ghostly leader, Spiderlegs, from the Containment Unit. During a skirmish at a chemical factory, the Ghostbusters are covered with a contaminated ectoplasmic chemical... and it changes them in creepy ways! this ghost turns into a nasty demon behind the Ghostbusters' backs. Necksa, lord and ruler of the sea elementals, strikes out at the air-breathers who have been polluting the oceans. The Real Ghostbusters is a fun online Classic game that you can play here on Games HAHA. The Real Ghostbusters Season 2 Episode 33 - Lights! With the city undergoing a massive surge in spectral activity the Ghostbusters have no time to take care of Janine's haunted apartment. The sinister Professor Dweeb captures Slimer by posing as an innocent ice cream vendor. Deciding that a vacation is long overdue, the Ghostbusters go to Ray's cousin's farm. This flashback story reveals the origins of how and why Slimer came to live with the Ghostbusters, in events immediately following their film encounter with Gozer. A cabinet sends the Ghostbusters to another dimension and encounter a demon interested in learning magic tricks.

However, the ghost's parents come looking for their child, but the Ghostbusters do not know that and try to bust them. Ghosts start coming out of televisions across New York, taking the form of famous TV characters! A young boy asks the Ghostbusters about a strange creature he has seen talking to his brother. Peter's con man father arrives in New York, peddling phony ghost-repellent ponchos. They soon possess the bodies of Peter and Ray in order to battle to the death. When workman on the Eiffel Tower accidentally break into Monsieur Eiffel's secret lab and damage a device, thousands of ghosts are released. To contribute to the Ghostbusters' finances, Slimer becomes a teenager's personal bodyguard. Watch The Real Ghostbusters Season 2 full episodes online free kisscartoon. As Janine feels less and less appreciated and attractive to the guy, the more she lets her Fairy Godmother change and possess her. After once again failing to capture Slimer, Professor Dweeb reaches an agreement with a ghost known as the Glob. However, the Devil is the host and they're playing for their souls. 1984 PG 1h 45m Sci-Fi & Fantasy. A wisp of ectoplasmic energy seeps out from the Containment Unit and merges with Slimer, turning him into a huge monstrously hungry ghosts. Despite his love for trains, a kidnapped Peter would rather be somewhere else in case history repeats itself and the train crashes! The Ghostbusters head off to the woods for a camping vacation. The Ghostbusters discover a real goblin in an otherwise fake carnival sideshow, but even though they suspect it has been wreaking havoc in several towns, they are prevented from capturing it. An unscrupulous film producer reacts with unusual enthusiasm when the Ghostbusters pursue a number of ghosts on his horror movie set. investigating shows that a supernatural force disguised as a fairy godmother is the cause of it. It changes its shape to match anything, and soon there is much animosity amongst the team, as each blames the other for an act of malice! Slimer puts a book of fairy tales under one of Egon's inventions, leading to New York to become infested with fairy tale creatures. Slimer wins a million dollars in cash on the lottery, but everything Slimer buys with his prize money is cursed!

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