toby domzalski

He wears a red diamond-patterned sweater vest over a yellow and orange button-up shirt, brown pants, and white shoes.

Peng | Gloria |

Cinderella |

Jurassic Park Heroes | Harold Hutchins | It was there he met Jim Lake Jr., and they've been best friends ever since.

Darci Scott He is a student of Arcadia Oaks High, best friends with Jim Lake Jr., the son of Ralph and Mrs. Domzalski, the grandson of Nancy Domzalski, and the current boyfriend of Darci Scott.

Smoove Move |

StrengthLoyaltySkilled with the WarhammerGlamor Mask

For all of the series, he wears braces. Relatives As the heroes make their way to the canal, Bular and Jim come face to face.


In his homemade armor, he wears a stove pot on his head like a helmet and has a flashlight taped to the side. Sarmoti |

Toby is a short, overweight boy with brown hair and green eyes.

Sykes | Rocket J. Squirrel | 15-16 Afterwards, Toby's nana, Nancy Domzalski, took him in and became his legal guardian. Catra |

Arthur Pendragon | "Becoming: Part 1" (Trollhunters)"Terra Incognita Part Two" (3Below)"Spellbound" (Wizards)

Queen Lillian | He wears a red diamond-patterned sweater vest over a yellow and orange shirt, brown pants, and white shoes. GoodTeam TrollhuntersGuardians of Arcadia Likes


King Harold |

Bunty |

Gender Bridget |

Family Private |

Full Name Though this initially scares him, he quickly befriends AAARRRGGHH!! While Jim and Toby are cycling down the street, they are attacked by Bular.


Douxie Casperan | Rocky Rhodes | Trollhunters

Kitty Softpaws | Megamind | Eva | Dislikes Jim's troll friends, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!! Babs | Do-Gooder Love interest(s)

Domzalski Residence, Arcadia Oaks

Tobes (Jim and Eli)Toby-Pie (Nana, Claire, and Darci)Wingman (AAARRRGGHH!!!)T.P.

Voiced by Monkey | Race

Background information Chel | Tobias "Toby" Domzalski is a major protagonist in Guillermo del Toro's Netflix original animated TV series trilogy, Tales of Arcadia, appearing as one of the two deuteragonists of Trollhunters, a supporting protagonist in 3Below, and an upcoming protagonist in Wizards. Nicholas St. North |

Help his friends when the they are in Danger

Hookfang |

)Jellow Mold (by Coach Lawrence)Tubby (by NotEnrique)Tons of Fun (by NotEnrique)Toby D. In his homemade armor, he wears a stove pot on his head like a helmet and has a flashlight taped to the side. Origin Tim Templeton | He offers Jim unwavering loyalty and boundless optimism, as well as the occasional well-timed joke when things get rough. The Society of Robes | In Part Two of 3Below, this (speculated) disorder comes more into light when he began directing his own fan film featuring Krel and his friends for a competition.

Cash Networth |


Spirit Jr. | Tobias “Toby” Domzalski Toothless | Bullwinkle J. Moose | Likes Madagascar Heroes | Sinbad | Marty | Ton-Ton | Conrad |

(wingman), Draal the Deadly, Vendel, Eli Pepperjack, Mary Wang, Darci Scott (love-interest), Shannon Longhannon, Nomura, Stricklander, Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal, Gnome Chompsky (minion)

Kowalski | Underneath the armor, there is dark orange inner layer.

Eye color

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "There is no one Jim would rather have at his side than his confident best friend, Toby. Scorpia |

Toothiana | Weaver |

Perfuma | Merlin |

Draal the Deadly | Pig | Nuffink Haddock | John H. Miller |

Despite his more cheerful nature, Toby is a bit emotional, dramatic, and somewhat of an attention seeker.

Arcadia Oakes High Student

Archer |

He carries a blue locker door as his shield, a metal tin-can on his right wrist, and a lunchtray strapped to his belly with his phone taped to it. Affiliations Ralph Domzalski (father) †Mrs.

Colonel Cutter | The two are taken aback by the place, a land made out of crystals and full of Trolls.

TV Shows Like when Jim was elected as a candidate for Homecoming King, Toby's main reason for wanting him to run was so that he could become "duke" and gain recognition from the more popular students.

Lenny | Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans’ Movie Scheduled for 2021,, In the 2015 book, Toby's nickname was "Tubby" and his last name was Dershowitz. "The Eternal Knight: Part 2" (Trollhunters)"A Glorious End, Part Two" (3Below)"Our Final Act" (Wizards), The Secret History of TrollkindWelcome to the DarklandsThe Book of Ga-HuelThe FelledAge of the AmuletThe Way of the WizardAngor RebornArcadia-Con, Toby-Pie (Nana, Claire, and Darci)Wingman (AAARRRGGHH!!!)T.P. Oh |

Skya |

Enemies Jamie Bennett |

He also has two spatulas twisted around his legs like greaves.

Mort |


When Toby was two-years-old, his parents won the state lottery. Whiplash | Brave, confident, attention-lover, cheerful, loyal, clumsy, adventurous, dorky, obtuse, Riding his bike, Diablo Maximus burritos, hanging out with his friends, adventures and quests, Darci, His friends in danger, going to the dentist, being called "T.P", falsely accused, the Darklands. E. Aster Bunnymund |

Roxanne Ritchi |

While fleeing, they come across Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!.

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