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Tonto is also a master of a form of Native American martial arts, which resemble kung fu, and enable a fighter to leap superhuman distances. It added elements of drama and tragedy that were out-of-place in a mostly fun and funny movie. Both Disney and Johnny Depp, the star of the movie, had promised to remake Tonto, the iconic Indian from the television series of the 1950s. Eventually he becomes the Lone Ranger's mentor and partner. or This version was essentially the same as he was presented in the radio series.

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His tribe was not massacred and his sister, Alope is introduced as a possible romantic interest for the Lone Ranger. Terms of Use For the entire run of the television series, 1949-1957, Tonto was portrayed by Jay Silverheels. Mr. Depp’s Tonto, they said, would be the star of the movie, a character who would make Indians proud. They even have a sense of humor. I share the concerns of Indian actors and film-makers about this practice, but complaining about that in this case seems to me to miss the point. Still, many of us were concerned that the movie would just be one more exercise in stereotyping Indians. In this, “The Lone Ranger” succeeds.
He believes his destiny is to hunt and kill men like bad-guy Butch Cavendish. Muzyka, akcja, tempo, efekty, humor podane w idealnych proporcjach dają takiego kopa jak dożylne wstrzyknięcie sobie burzy z piorunami. Tonto (Johnny Depp) to Indianin wywodzący się z plemienia Komanczów. Indeed, it is the Indians who are framed and brutalized by an evil robber baron in league with a mechanized U.S. military. The film is ambguous about whether Tonto has magical insghts and powers or is just insane, though it leans strongly to the former. Children get very little accurate information about Indians in their formal educations, and Indian people seem always to be fighting a wearying battle against lies and stereotypes in the popular culture. Pewnego dnia ratuje życie stróżowi prawa, Johnowi Reidowi (Armie Hammer), którego wszyscy towarzysze zostali zamordowani przez bandytów. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Advertising Notice Photographs From the Last Quiet Places on Earth. Can Scientists Stop the Plague of the Spotted Lanternfly? Po powrocie do zdrowia, jako zamaskowany mściciel, postanawia sam wymierzyć sprawiedliwość zabójcom swoich przyjaciół. Kolejny film który w kinach był z dubbingiem a Polsat puszcza z lektorem BRAWO! (This is not a movie for children, so parents do heed the PG-13 rating.)

17th Annual Photo Contest Finalists Announced. Johnny Depp's makeup and costuming was inspired by Kirby Sattler's painting I am Crow. Z pomocą spieszy mu tajemniczy Indianin. He buries the other five Rangers, but digs six graves, to make the outlaws believe all six men were killed. Eventually he becomes the Lone Ranger's mentor and partner.

Hollywood has often used non-Indian actors to play Indians. Get the best of Smithsonian magazine by email. Tonto even introduced the silver bullets claiming silver is more accurate than lead. That is a lot to promise. Gore Verbinski ponownie zaprasza kinomanów na niesamowitą przygodę. 2013 Disney "TONTO" (Johnny Depp) The Lone Ranger Movie 7" Action Figure NIB. Stróż prawa na Dzikim Zachodzie zakłada maskę i z pomocą Indianina pragnie pomścić śmierć towarzyszy. Zdecydowanie najlepsza gra aktorska i rola w tym filmie. Unfortunately, in what seems to be a failed attempt at authenticity, he refers to Cavendish as a “wendigo.” That is a mythological creature in a number of northern woodlands cultures, but not a part of Comanche culture.

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