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It’s the perfect level of “what comes next” to either leave us with a sense of hope and (admittedly nightmarish) adventure for Coop, or it’s the perfect place for a fourth season to pick up. But Laura isn’t Laura, and Cooper leads her away.

Either way, the future isn’t nearly as dark or hopeless as people think. This enrages Judy (Jow-Day), whose rage manifests through the body she inhabits: Sarah Palmer. So Dale and Diane enter that world to rescue Laura. The lore of Twin Peaks is a vessel by which its larger truths are delivered.

Thus begins a quarter of a century surrealist cold war. He’s a bold storyteller, he’s not a cruel one. The good guys converge, and Cooper, now fully awake, arrives. Perhaps a fourth season, god willing, could reveal her ultimate fate. Paul, Coop said it himself: we live inside a dream. It's a horrendous omen. The original Twin Peaks series had one episode equaling one day in the investigation into who killed Laura Palmer. Sarah's calling of Laura is used repeatedly in the original series.

There was no epic “final boss” for Cooper or Laura to take down, no convenient reversal of her experiences, and no happy ending that would allow an entire community silently complicit in abuse to get away with ignoring the atrocities being committed right down the lane. I.e they’re dead. Laura Palmer’s own Red Room scenes and apparent origins as a glowing orange orb sent down to defeat Bob pointed to her own nature as an otherworldly entity. That’s a fixed point in time, you can’t change that – and if you do, it’ll mess everything up”. They’ve always balanced the raw human tragedy of it with its more surreal mythology in a way that’s both respectful to the core themes, without betraying the role its lore plays in building out the framework with which Lynch and Frost explore identity, grief, domestic violence, and intergenerational trauma.

It’s important to note that these are their own interpretations and nothing to do whatsoever with David Lynch and Mark Frost’s intent! The plan is audacious: He plucks Laura Palmer away from her fate, and in doing so creates a pocket timeline of sorts – a timeline in which Laura never died. There is perhaps no character more terribly alone than Laura Palmer. #Kajillionaire writer/director @miranda_july reveals the inspiration behind latest unique film that has just arrived in Australian cinemas.

The Fireman anticipated this move – to ensure Judy doesn’t find her mark, he hides Laura in this timeline as someone else, someone who can’t give away that she’s Laura because even she doesn’t know who she is. Instead, Lynch and Frost brought everything full circle, back to the bleak exploration of trauma, betrayal, and alienation that coursed through Fire Walk With Me, and back to the idea that – as was Major Briggs’ greatest fear – love is not enough to save us.

And this is the well.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He abuses, corrupts, and eventually murders her.

One you can see and one you cannot. In Lynch’s works, dreams are just other places.

It's happening again. Cooper and Diane arrive and are essentially themselves; as they make love, things get dark. But they do make it. There is perhaps no character more terribly alone than Laura Palmer and you can feel the full weight of that isolation and dread in her final scream, which sends the show – and what feels like reality itself – reeling into permanent darkness. [ALL] The Twin Peaks Ending explained for the first time.

Drink deep and descend. On July the 16th, 1945, the atom bomb is dropped. Lynch hadn’t made anything in over a decade, the cast had presumably moved on, and people seemed to have forgotten all but the most trite coffee and cherry pie adjacent quips with which to prove they gave a flying fig about the ultimate fate of Agent Cooper. because we know his judy is dead now. As for the tail end of Part 17 and then all of Part 18… Well, I didn’t know what to make of it at first. Wyndham and BOB try to derail the Fireman’s counter-plan yet again by trapping Dale in the Lodge, and releasing into the world Mr C, a Cooper Doppelganger, inhabited by BOB himself. The Girl Who Lives Down The Lane is about a girl who can't find her place in life, and reveals a downward spiral with the movie ending in absolute bleakness, no hope. Finally, they defeat BOB’s vessel (Leland), and send his spirit hurtling back to the Lodge. Mr C heads out into the world, violating people who matter the most to Cooper (Diane and Audrey chiefest among them). Our giant had a name: The Fireman.

She gives birth to a miasma of corruption, including BOB, her star pupil, her chief progeny.

Twin Peaks is, at its core, a story about a very specific type of human suffering.

Even the moment she vanished in Cooper’s hands in the forest, and started screaming. Twin Peaks has always been Laura’s story, first and foremost – the tale of a teenage incest survivor turned drug addict, screaming for help in a town so small and uneventful that it was impossible to not hear, but more convenient to not care.

Jade gives two rides.

But then, it happened. Is that when albert comes in?

Judy has been bested.

Where? No rug is pulled, everything is as real as everything else.

The other most memorable use of this sample is The Arm in the corner fidgiting ferociously. She screams, the memories flooding back, and the electricity – source of all power and life in Lynch’s worlds – that makes up the nest Judy has made, shorts out. But mostly, because Cooper wouldn’t do it; he wouldn’t save his friends and greet them just before wiping them out, before ensuring they never existed. Twin Peaks: The Return has finally concluded, with what is shaping up to be one of the most controversial episodes in television history. Again. This could explain why there are occasional time-jumps and inconsistencies in The Return: the denizens of Twin Peaks are living inside a world being gently warped and swayed by someone trapped in the past. After a game of cat and mouse, Earle takes Coop’s girl, Annie, and hurries her into the Black Lodge.

On separate occasions we witnessed both Sarah and Laura removing their faces to reveal their inner essence, Laura’s burning with a heavenly white glow and Sarah’s a shadowy, rotten void. Lynch weaves a multiverse where concurrent realities can swirl and interact (just look at Inland Empire). He is hemmed in, attacked and destroyed.

When Twin Peaks: The Return was first announced, I sort of just assumed it’d be like everything else 2017 has had to offer: another helping of char-broiled butts. As the investigation builds to a crescendo, BOB proves how feral he really is: he murders Laura’s cousin, Maddy, chasing the high he got after killing Laura, which in turn leads the FBI and the Bookhouse Boys right to him.

They sleep, and Cooper awakes in an entirely different hotel, alone, as this Richard character. Each viewing creates a different interpretation, too. The lore of Twin Peaks, which fans were gifted so much information (and many more mysteries to ponder) about this season isn't negated by the series’ deeper truths – it is the vessel by which those truths are delivered. The Return does not quite operate in the same way. You can’t undo abuse.

The cast watched at the same time as we did, and were just as lost, more often than not, as we were. Laura.....Laura....Laura...... Carrie screams because she has no home and will end up dead just like Laura Palmer. So if you want, or need, a clean, digestible summary of what The Fireman’s plan was, slotted into a timeline and detailing Dale Cooper’s role in the whole affair, buckle up. There are so many subtle emotional turns they both make.

She knows she’s going to have to die. They brought us back to Laura Palmer.

I love how subjective it all is! Halfway through Twin Peaks: The Return, we witnessed a giant in a tuxedo floating through a monochrome velvet cinema, golden mist streaming from his mouth into the ether. But it’s a testament to the power of Lynch and Frost’s vision that Twin Peaks can operate on so many distinct levels in the first place.

While the first half of its two-hour finale, Part 17, saw some of the major plotlines tied up – some more comprehensively than others – the path Part 18 took viewers down was dark, obscure, and divisive. Ugh.

It’s like the universe was saying, “Nope, sorry.

Also you theory doesn’t touch on the why of it all happening. Like some kind of catastrophic counterweight to all the other world events slamming our collective head in the car door that is this year, Twin Peaks: The Return coasted into view and for 18 instalments blew our minds.

Or perhaps his desire will be fulfilled; perhaps he’ll see them all again someday (not a stretch, given his skills). He sends Laura down from the lodge to the world below to combat Judy, but tragically, her father is corrupted and turned by none other than BOB, who takes up residence in the Palmer house (they are in our house now). This piece is going to be an exhaustive, jubilant dive into what I personally think the two part finale actually meant.

spoiler., #HackySackBand deliver glistening indie pop on "Exaggerating", today's #TrackOfTheDay Hastings reported that Briggs said "Cooper, Cooper" as his head floats away - could have actually been 3 times.. Good theory. There were a lot of people who didn’t even notice or remember Freddie when he walked into The Roadhouse at the end of Part 2. The pocket timeline is a foray into hell, and to win in hell is what Cooper has spent 25 years training for.

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