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Avoid any temptation to add an apostrophe to yours. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. This implication is not present in "He's my friend". –, That Airline Seat You Paid for Isn’t Yours –, I don’t want or expect anything that is ______________. Yours affectionately ← Sounds like something said at the end of a letter passed between people who are rather close. What is the Difference Between Council and Committee, What is the Difference Between Eulogy and Tribute, What is the Difference Between Opinion and Suggestion, What is the Difference Between Salon and Saloon, What is the Difference Between Warranty and Guarantee, What is the Difference Between Biltong and Jerky, What is the Difference Between Cappuccino and Macchiato, What is the Difference Between Brie and Camembert, What is the Difference Between Coach and Mentor, What is the Difference Between Nomenclature and Classification. The short answer is that yours is always and unequivocally the correct choice. "You" or "Your" with Gerunds.

I read her essay; it’s not good as yours. APS-C lenses on full frame Mirrorless bodies. yours |yôrz; yoŏrz| Yours is always written without an apostrophe. Both are correct, but they have slightly different meanings. The possessive pronouns are my, our, your, his, her, its, and their.There’s also an “independent” form of each of these pronouns: mine, ours, yours, his, hers, its, and theirs.Possessive pronouns are never spelled with apostrophes. As others have noted, "numbers as yours" is not correct here.

His is rough, and yours is soft. I wanted to say thanks for helping me yesterday. The main function of yours is to indicate possession or ownership.

Your is a possessive adjective that shows that you possesses a noun.. That’s not my car. Yours is the possessive pronoun of the second personal pronoun. This is another 100% rule. On the other hand, if you want the word to stand in for the phrase "your mother", then the only correct choice is "yours": This is a picture of my mother, and that is a picture of your mother. In other words, there is a greater emphasis on the fact that the car is a possession of the listener. When to use your’s: Your’s is never correct, so don’t ever use it. Conceptual problem with general relativity. In addition to what Robusto and Alenanno have pointed out, I would say that the emphasis is slightly different for the two constructions. Home » Language » English Language » Words and Meanings » Difference Between Yours and Your’s. But the rules are complex. Although they look almost exactly alike, the version with the apostrophe is incorrect and will make your writing look unprofessional.

This is why English learners, even some native English speakers add the apostrophe and the ‘s’ after the pronoun your.

The main function of yours is to indicate possession.

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