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Joe is the son of Nicky and his ex-girlfriend, Janexsy Figueroa.

Article continues below advertisement. He was sentenced to six months behind bars, and thanks to record producer Raphy Pina, who paid his legal bills, he was released early. He is famous for making romantic songs within the reggaeton genre.

“But I’ve seen a whole different Colombia.”, He went on to lose 100 pounds, started collaborating with Colombian artists like J Balvin, and released his comeback song "El Perdon" in 2015, which translates to "the forgiveness.".

And although the names of many of his ex-girlfriends have never been disclosed, he does have four children out of these relationships. This was not the only time Nicky shot someone. The youngest daughter of Nicky was born in August 2012 and her mother is known to be Carolina Neito. Nicky Jam is a highly acclaimed American urban music singer and songwriter. Nicky Jam Kids. In Nicky Jam: El Ganador, fans of the reggaeton star get a look back at his complicated life — from his struggles to addiction, reconnecting with his absent mother, and his time behind bars. "Medellín gave me so much,” Nicky continued. I took it too seriously and made a whole song for him," Nicky explained to Billboard of his beef with Yankee.

He went his way, I went my way — and ­obviously my way didn't go very well.".

Nicky, 39, is an American singer and songwriter who was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

"That wasn't a good choice, because he came with [2004 Billboard Hot 100 smash] 'Gasolina.'

His children are three daughters by the names of Yarimar Rivera, Alyssa Rivera, and Luciana, along with one son named Joe Martin.

Nicky (real name: Nick Rivera Caminero) opened up about his time in prison and revealed that it did not inspire him to make music, but did the complete opposite. "My soul was dead.

Some of his work includes He is best known for hits such as “X”, “Travesuras”, “Te Busco”, “El Perdón”, “Hasta el Amanecer”, and “El Amante”, the latter three from his 2017 album Fénix. I fell even deeper into addiction.". At over 300 pounds, Nicky was jailed again, this time after taking police on a high-speed chase in a car flagged for repossession in 2008.

In the show, Nicky, who was popping around 30 pills of Percocet daily, was at a hotel bar when he got into an altercation with a random patron  and shot him. In Nicky Jam: El Ganador, fans of the reggaeton star get a look back at his complicated life — from his struggles to addiction, reconnecting with his absent mother, and his time behind bars.

Who is Nicky Jam?

“It gave me back who I am: the person I am, the human being I am. "Yankee felt like he was like my father.

"Come what may, I feel like a winner. “Because I already fell, I’m no longer afraid," the lyrics to the song translate in English. However, his friend and Los Cangris partner Daddy Yankee paid off the victim and Nicky was never charged with a crime. A lot of things inside of you die in prison. He recreated his arrest in his music video for “El Ganador,” the first track on his "Fenix" album. 'People laugh when I say I came to Colombia and cleaned myself out of alcohol and drugs,” he explained. Singer Nicky Jam stars in Nicky Jam: El Ganador, mini-series that focuses on his life from childhood in Puerto Rico to his career as an international music star. The singer also has a 15-year-old son Joe Martin.

Before his arrest, Nicky was also involved in a club shooting, according to El Ganador. After his release, Nicky and Daddy Yankee's friendship fell apart and the duo didn't reconcile until years later. According to the series, which you can watch on Netflix, Nicky spent six months in jail in Puerto Rico in 2002.

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